Nov 10 2014

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Alien Certificate of Registration

Alien Certificate of Registration ACR-I Card

The ACR-I card is a requirement for foreign nationals to hold after a certain period of time in the Philippines. It is also required by those foreign nationals to be able to leave the Philippines, together with an ECC (Exit/Emigration Clearance Certificate) [not instead of].

The Tourist ACR-I card

The Tourist ACR-I card has a validity of ONE year, and must be renewed annually.

Originally, the ACR-I card had to be handed in at Immigration when leaving the Philippines. This has now changed, and you retain it now, and it is still valid if you come back before it expires.

Application for an Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR)

Who can apply for an ACR-I card?

All foreign nationals who are visa holders of Temporary Visitor’s Visa or Tourist Visa who have stayed for more than fifty-nine (59) days in the Philippines, can apply for an ACR-I card.

The ACR I-Card application must be submitted together with the application for visa (Visa Extension).

Who MUST apply for an ACR-I card?

Who is required to apply for an ACR I-Card?

www.immigration.gov.ph/../faqs/acr-i-card All foreign nationals under immigrant and non-immigrant visas including holders of Temporary Visitor’s Visa, who stayed for more than fifty nine (59) days in the Philippines are required to apply for an ACR-I Card at expiry of their first 59 days..
Some websites state: All foreigners who stay longer than 6 month in the Philippines on a Non Immigrant or Resident Visa, must have an ACR-I Card.

Renewal of an Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR)

Who can apply to renew an ACR-I card?

All foreign nationals who are existing ACR I-card holders and whose basis of renewal is any of the following:

Expiration of the one (1) year validity of the card.
Re-registration of alien upon reaching the age of 14;
Change of visa status;
Replacement of ACR as required under the Alien Registration Act of 1950, as amended.

How much does an ACR-I card cost?

USD 50.00
Plus Php 500.00

Why is this price in US Dollars ?  No Idea !!!

What is an ACR-I card

ACR-I card FAQ

New ACR-I card Issue

New ACR-I card Issue

ACR-I card Renewal

ACR-I card Renewal

What are the Benefits of an ACR-I Card ?

I liked this one from the Dept of Immigration:

4: Achieves higher revenues for the Bureau and the national government through increase in number of aliens who will register and improved efficiency in collection of fees.

However, they are needed if a foreigner wants to open a bank account.

Some websites have stated that a Tourist cannot get an ACR card

ACR-I Tourist cannot get an ACR card

From an unnamed website for foreigners in the Philippines

However, they can…ACR-I card Tourist

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  1. Nene

    What and why tourist need to have the ACR ??? It this there personal background and information?? This ACR help our country to protect from terrorist ??

    1. admin

      It just seems to be another record of a tourist in the the country that stays longer than a few weeks. It doesn’t seem to be used for anything else though.

  2. Nene

    Did ACR help to know forrienger come to PHILIPPINES..if good or they do bad in there country.. I’m just worried because more tourist coming to PHILIPPINES is terrorist.. this ACR help to know the personal background of the tourist ????

  3. Miles

    Hello, good day. My friend wants to apply for ACR; what is the maximum time that she can stay here in the Philippines if she apply as TOURIST in ACR? Thank you very much. I am looking forward to your reply.

    1. admin

      Depending on the persons nationality, it can be 3 years with regular visa renewals. After 3 years people are supposed to leave and start again.

      1. Miles

        Thank you very much.

      2. Paul

        Can I apply online,


        1. admin

          Not as far as I am aware.
          Fingerprints and photo requirements make it a personal appearance application.

  4. Charlotte Turtor

    A foreigner would want to buy a condominium here in the Philippines. Is ACR required in purchasing the said property?

    1. admin

      An ACR card is needed for any stay after a pretty short time (59) days, so it would be expected to have one. However, I somehow feel it wouldn’t be asked for, unless as a form of ID, although a passport would seem to be enough.

  5. Luca

    hello i have one doubt if anybody knows please tell me. do i need to do the annual Report at immigration? Im a Tourist ACR I – Card holder. i dont think i need to do it but if anyone knows please answer

    1. admin

      I never needed to. I think it is only for residents, not visitors.

      1. Luca


  6. Camille Alcala

    I have doubt with my korean boyfriend if he is telling the truth that he is single., but with the help of ACR i prove it that he is single..
    One day he forgot his passport together with his ACR in our house and i saw the information in civil status and he is single ..

  7. Mary Grace Soriano

    My boss need a bank account in the Philippines as he travel here regularly. Is it possible to obtain an ACR card straight away (within the first 7 days) upon entry to the Philippines in order to open a bank account? Or would he have to wait 59 days before he could make the application

    1. Cheng

      I have the same problem here

  8. Diane Hembra

    Can ACR-I Holder allowed to drive a car? He has his drivers liscensed from a country where he come from…Do he needs to get his drivers licensed here? Please answer

    1. admin

      ACR-I card has no bearing on driving.

      Foreigners can drive in the Philippines for up to 90 days after their arrival provided that their license is in English.


      If the foreign driver’s license is not written in English, such driver’s license should always be accompanied by an Official English translation issued by the Local Embassy of the issuing country.

      They then need to get a Philippine driver licence.

  9. Rob

    I need a bank account in the Philippines as I travel there regularly. Is it possible to obtain an ACR card straight away (within the first 7 days) upon entry to the Philippines in order to open a bank account? Or would I have to wait 59 days before I could make the application.

  10. Kenjelesnie

    Does ACR-I that being applied by any nationality except Philippines passport holder need ticket out from Phillipines? Do they need to show the immigration a confirm ticket out from Philippines as soon as they land in Philippines?

    1. admin

      You dont get an ACR card until after you have been in the Philippines for a period.

      Also, immigration are only interested in the ACR when you leave.

      On all my trips in, I have never been asked to see a return ticket by immigration. But was always asked at the departing airport in my home country, when heading to the Philippines.

  11. Jared Lindstrom

    Do our children (both under 4 years old) require this card as well or are they covered under ours?

    1. admin

      I just found this from a 1991 regulation.

      The parent or legal guardian of any alien child who is below 14 years is required to register the child within 30 days after birth if born in the Philippines, or immediately upon the child’s entry. Within 15 days after attaining 14 years of age, the alien child must apply in person for registration.

      Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) for an alien 14 years or over P400.00. For an alien below 14 years 180.00.

      Note: These prices were quoted years ago.

      1. Jared Lindstrom

        Thank you

  12. Lyle Law MSgt USAF RET

    On form 2015-08-002 it ask for “ACR NUMBER”. Where on card is the ACR Number

    1. admin

      That’s a good question, and one I wondered about too.
      There are two numbers on the ACR-i card, or maybe three depending on your visa status.

      A resident once told me that the number is on the front at the line at the bottom, where it says: Cert of Res:
      His had a number, mine had the words “Not an Entry Visa“.
      I think that section is the Visa number not the ACR number.

      There is a number on the front, at the left, above the chip. The example one in the above post begins with F1405….
      That’s the number I use.

  13. Jojo

    Hello.. I have a friend under 9(g) visa and her visa will be valid only until Jan 21. Due to some circumstances, she can’t extend her visa until Jan 20 but she must leave the country on Jan 24, means the interim visa also not possible. Could you suggest what she can do with this situation? Is leaving the country without extend her visa and return with tourist visa possible? Thanks.

    1. admin

      JoJo. Your friend MUST renew the Visa, before it expires. She can do this at any BoI at any time before the Visa expiry date.

      They may be able to grant a Visitor Visa if the 9g cannot be renewed. But she must go to the BoI office and see what can be done as soon as possible.

      Other than that, she will have to pay all the costs and penalties / fines etc at the airport and face delays.
      This could cause missing a flight if not enough time is allowed.
      Being able to board the flight without paying the visa renewal and penalties is very unlikely.

      Foreign Nationals who shall apply for the reversion of their immigration visa to temporary visitor/tourist to continue to stay legally in the Philippines

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