Sep 19 2015

Arrival Tax at Philippine Airports

Is there an Arrival Tax at Manila and Cebu Airports

This question crops crops up at times, and the answer has always been:

There is no Arrivals Tax, only the departure taxes.

You can see current Travel Tax rates at:

Current Philippines Departure Tax is:

P1,620 + 200 (certificate fee) for Economy Class


P2,700 + 200 (certificate fee) for First Class

Who pays the Philippines Departure Tax?

1. Citizens of the Philippines
2. Taxable Foreign Passport Holders
3. Non-immigrant foreign passport holders who have stayed in the Philippines for more than one (1) year

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    Philippine Travel Tax

    Philippine Airlines Quotes the Following at September 2015

    For adult passengers, the travel tax is
    PHP1,620 (Business and Economy class)
    PHP810 for children (2-11 years)

    Airport Terminal Fee’s

    Airport terminal fees are
    PHP550 international departures and
    PHP200 local/domestic departures.

    These fees will be collected at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Centennial Terminal 2).
    For PAL Express code-shared flights, PHP200 per passenger will be collected at the NAIA Terminal 3.

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