Aug 09 2015

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Average Monthly Salary in Manila 2015

Average Monthly Salary in Manila

This is a guide to Various average Salaries quoted on the Internet in August 2015, for the Manila Location.

Note: Makati City has a separate figure.

Average Monthly Disposable Salary (After Tax) 23,694.51 PHP (www.numbeo.com)

Average Monthly Salary in Manila: 41,987 PHP (www.salaryexplorer.com)

Average Monthly Salary in Manila by Occupation (www.payscale.com)

37,696 PHP Male All Jobs
27,960 PHP Female All Jobs
37,000 PHP All Permanent Jobs

19,245 PHP Customer Service Representative
19,693 PHP Civil Engineer
22,298 PHP Accountant
30,322 PHP Software Engineer
37,129 PHP Human Resources Manager
80,638 PHP Operations Manager
81,395 PHP Project Manager, Information Technology

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