Aug 25 2015

Baygon Mosquito Mats

Baygon Anti-Dengue Mosquito Mats

About two months ago I bought two boxes of Baygon Anti-Dengue Mosquito Mats, with 30 mats in each pack. As I was running out I picked up another two packs the other day. BUT, I made a shopping mistake; I saw what I wanted, what I had picked up before, but didn’t look at the item properly, or even check the price.

What I did know was that the box was the same size, the same colour and in the same place on the shelves.

When opening the pack however, I wondered why  it was almost empty, while the last box had been full.

I hadn’t seen that the box only held 10 mats, not the 30 that I had assumed. It was MY mistake for not checking, but I also think that Baygon have placed these 10 mats in a large box, the same size as the 30 pack, on purpose to catch us when we are not thinking properly.

The pack of 10 cost 34.75 pesos per pack. So at that price, 30 mats would be 104.25 pesos

The 30 pack had a price of 74.75 pesos (I checked this later), not much more than 2 boxes of 10 at the above price.

Baygon Mats 10 box

This is the top of the same sized box that is full and holds 30 mats.

 Baygon Mats 30 box

Do the Baygon Anti Mosquito mats work when used in the little Electric Heaters ?

I’ve used a Baygon spray recently that only stunned a mosquito when I sprayed it head on, and it flew off 5 minutes later, so I am not going to say that something works when it doesn’t.

I have a desk in my living room where I work, and I was always getting mozzie bites on my ankles, 3 or 4 every night. I kept a fly spray handy, and was always using it, but still got bites every night.

I then tried the Baygon heater and mat.
Every night that I had it on, I was bite free. The days that I forgot to put it on, I did notice a bite, and immediately plugged it in. This kept my bites to a minimum.

I do believe 100% that these mats work, but maybe only for a small area. I think they quote 20 square metres.
Each Mat lasts for 8 hours, and I tend to use them from about 3pm and unplug it in the morning, about 18 hours later.

The Cost of Baygon Anti Mosquito Mat usage

These units are claimed to use 5 Watts of electricity
At 8 hours use per day, this would therefore be 40 watts per day or 14,600 watts per year.
That is 14.6Kwh which, at a cost of 10 pesos per Kwh, would be 146 pesos per year in Electricity Costs

365 days use at 34.75 pesos per 10 mats works out at 1,269 peso for the year.

Total cost for ONE YEAR, with 8 hours use per day, is therefore about 1,400 to 1,500 pesos (125 pesos per month)

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    Is it safe to use baygon anti dengue mat for infants? Is it not harmful for infants to inhale??? Pls reply

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