Aug 02 2013

Car Hire in Baguio, Luzon

Car Rental – Car Hire in Baguio City

Most car rental companies in the Philippines seem to prefer to rent the car with a driver, and being a foreigner in the country, I do feel this is a good idea.

The initial reaction is to worry about the cost, but it isn’t really much of a worry, at a price of maybe 500 pesos for the driver for a full day.

A couple of examples of prices, that I received in August 2013, both indicate a cost of 500 pesos for the drivers time, for 10 hours rental.  One of them specifically quoted 2,000 pesos for the car and 500 for the driver.

Another interesting one was a monthly car rental rate:

Car Type: Toyota Vios / Honda City
Self Drive: P35,000.00
With Driver: P54,000.00
This monthly rate is about 630 pesos per day for the driver.

The International car rental company, Budget, have this on their website today:

An extra charge of 600 will be added to each reservation for the Chauffeur Drive option

 Budget Car Hire Rate Manila

 Car Rental with driver in Baguio City, Luzon:

  • 0923 917 7522 (Toyco Rent a Car)

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