Jul 14 2013

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Deep Blue Sea Inn, Small La Laguna, Puerto Galera

Deep Blue Sea Inn is located in Small La Laguna, Puerto Galera

Ideally located at the tropical island of Small La Laguna Beach, Deep Blue Sea is a waterfront resort overlooking the white sands of Puerto Galera with the wonderful views of the crystal clear waters of the beach specked with its cool breeze of air.

Deep Blue Sea Inn

Deep Blue Sea Inn
Small La Laguna
Puerto Galera
Oriental Mindoro

Deep Blue Sea Inn

Property details:

Visiting guests at the Deep Blue Sea Inn are provided with quality room accommodation equipped with air conditioning and fully furnished rooms with great views of Sabang beach and the passage to Verde Island.
Deep Blue Sea Inn also provides mouthwatering cuisines with main dishes on seafood and international menus to its guests.
One also gets to enjoy the night life at Puerto Galera by indulging at the local bars.


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Accurate Map Location to Follow


Deep Blue Sea Inn
Small La Laguna
Puerto Galera
Oriental Mindoro


Phone number for Deep Blue Sea Inn, Puerto Galera, Philippines is: 0912 301 0717

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