Nov 14 2014

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Does a SMART roaming SIM expire if it does not have load after a period of time.

Does a SMART roaming SIM expire if it does not have load after a period of time?


2015/16 Update:

Smart Prepaid subscribers who are registered to Smart’s roaming service abroad only need to load a minimum of PhP50.00 per month starting December 1, 2015. This amount has been lowered from the previous minimum load requirement of PhP100.00.

Should your load go below the minimum load requirement, receiving of incoming texts for your roaming account will be temporarily suspended at the start of the the following month until your next reloading. This process will start taking effect on January 5, 2016, and will recur every 1st of the month thereafter.

You will be notified via SMS if receiving of incoming texts in your Smart Prepaid roaming account will be temporarily suspended. You will still be able to send outgoing texts, however.

Original 2014 Text

A SMART SIM card can be set for roaming as long as it has a balance of at least 100 pesos at the time of activation.
NOTE: Activate at least one (1) hour before your departure. www.smart.com.ph

That roaming SIM can receive texts from the Philippines FREE of any extra CHARGES

That SIM will remain valid as long as it is active, but it will be automatically deactivated for roaming, once you use up all the load on your Smart SIM card. Then, after 120 days, The SMART Prepaid GSM service shall be PERMANENTLY DISCONNECTED if the subscriber fails to load another credit balance before the expiry of that 120 days. www1.smart.com.ph/Prepaid/sim/terms-and-conditions

To activate: Send ROAM ON to 333  (with space before ON)
To deactivate: Send ROAM OFF to 333  (with space before OFF)

SMART International Roaming:  www1.smart.com.ph/help/prepaid/roaming

To top-up a Call And Text Card, text RELOAD to 1510. Transaction charge is the same as outgoing SMS.

You can also ask your friends in the Philippines to top-up for you, text RELOAD to 1510.

Top up and check via the web at: https://my.smart.com.ph/loginAuth

For FREE Balance Inquiry & CTC loading, dial *133#

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  1. Clyde

    Use globe instead. It has no maintaining balance unlike smart that requires you to load your sim every month for 50pesos.

  2. Jonathan

    Initial load was 20pesos plus I top up 230 pesos on my roamer sim, I transfered 300 pesos of load to my roamer app. now I was wondering why I have 10pesos load left? Can you from smart company answer my query?

    I have turned on my cellular data and roam. As per requirement to use my smart roamer and your site have promised that I was not going to be charge for data service? What happened then?

    1. Jonathan

      Sorry for typo error,

      I topUp another P330,

      The P300 load was successfully transferred to my roamer app, however I was wondering why I have left P10 in my prepaid sim, I was expecting a P50 remaining prepaid balance. Smart may I ask what happen?

      I know its a small amount, but knowing that it is not easy to buy a prepaid load overseas so why do that? Yes my data roam was on as per advice that it must me on to access the roamer app and have promised that There will be no data charges.

      Please spare us from unnecessary charges that we didn’t even subscribe. And please be fair and transparent.

      attached my email: jonathan_javar@ymail.com

  3. Eli Cates Lim

    Hi i want to know if i can still reactivate my roaming simcard number so that i can continue using that here . Right now i experience no signal on my mobile and i cannot recieved any messages from the Phillipines. Is there anyway to back it on track?

  4. loralyn

    hi …i just want to ask why my smart roaming cannot receive a load..but i can recieve a txt and i can send it too..

  5. Cherry

    Hello i just want to ask how do i know if my roaming sim are still activated i just use yesterday and i reload it only yesterday and i still receive sms from phlp but now all my sms from my family i can’t received, i hope you can help me for this problem thanks,

  6. jhoy dungca

    hello .. I want to reactivate my roaming sim card .. I received a message from the Philippines last February 15 2016,and I try to reload it last month 300 php but I didn’t receive it ..and i can#t receive any text message .. hope you can help me to activate my simcard again ..
    Thank you

  7. admin

    Have you gone past 120 days without the SIM having a balance ?

    “The SMART Prepaid GSM service shall be PERMANENTLY DISCONNECTED if the subscriber fails to load another credit balance before the expiry of that 120 days”

    1. rima

      i have the same problem here admin.i did not reload in 120days.what should we do to activate again our roaming number?please help us.hoping for your reply.thank you!

    2. Angie

      How about me, just this day signak is gone.. Can i reload it?

  8. aljen

    hello.,i just wish to reactivate my roaming simcard but unfortunately it can not be loaded anymore because everytime we try to load it,the response is simcard expired.,hope you can help me with this problem.thanks

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