Aug 17 2015

First Floor or Second Floor – English -v- American Language

First Floor = English language for the American language Second Floor

Living most of my life in an English Speaking language country, I often find difficulties living in an American language country such as the Philippines.

I have got used to walking on the wrong side of the pavement, and even in malls. Also with going on escalators on the wrong side.

I also got used to buildings not having a first floor, going direct from ground floor to 2nd floor.
BUT… Today I saw an address in Manila saying First Floor ! And I didn’t have a clue where it was.

For those who don’t know what I mean, it comes down to the English language versus the American language.

So, some checking for clarification:

English American Dictionary

First Floor
The English translation of the American wording “First Floor” is Ground Floor.

Second Floor
The English translation of the American wording “Second Floor” is First Floor.

Third floor = Second floor and so on.

In English the ground is the ground.
The 1st floor is the first floor above ground.
The 2nd floor is two floors above ground.

In American the 1st floor is the ground.
The 2nd floor is the first floor above ground.

The First Floor is the Ground Floor in the Philippines (American language)
And in English it is the First Floor above the ground.

But.. What if the advert for the place being advertised, was done by someone who speaks English ? Could they actually mean the First Floor, and not the ground floor ?


English American First Floor

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