Feb 08 2015

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Horseradish in Filipino / Tagalog

What is Horseradish in Tagalog?

I have heard the words Malunggay and Hilligaynon as being Filipino translations of Horseradish, but they may actually be for Horseradish Tree, not the root.

This is a picture of Horseradish Root.

horseradish root

A Machine Translation (English-Filipino) says: Horseradish Roots = Malunggay Roots

Horseradish Sauce Heinz


An old rumour says that Horseradish sauce was made by horses trampling the radish root to a pulp.  Not sure if that were true then, but not now, that’s for sure.

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  1. Tom

    It is the root of the malungay tree

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