May 29 2015

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How much are the Penalties for Overstaying as a Tourist in the Philippines?

How much is the Overstaying Fee for Tourists in the Philippines?

Most Tourists to the Philippines are allowed to stay for 30 days before needing to apply for a Visa. The first Visa is the initial extension of twenty-nine (29) days. This is commonly followed by a two month extension, although some Bureau of Immigration offices allow a 6 month extension.

If a person stay in the Philippines without a Valid Visa, then penalties are applied, and added to the unpaid Visa fees.

These combined penalties and fees can add up over time and can be something like the following figures:

I have calculated the following approximate costs for overstay payments including Visa Fees, ACR cards and Penalties.

4,310 From One day to One Month Overstay (Updated Sept 2017)
13,000 Total for Up to Three Month Overstay
18,000 Total for Up to Six Months Overstay
30,000 Total for Up to Twelve Months Overstay
60,000 Total for Up to Two Years Overstay
150,000 Total for Up to Five Years Overstay
300,000 Total for Up to Ten Years Overstay
440,000 Total for Up to Fifteen Years Overstay

These figures are approximate calculations based on 2016 fees. They may reduce the cost if they base it on the actual fees dues for older years, which may be less than the 2016 fees.

Charges can also be higher in some cases, such as one example in the comments below:


79,500 For a 19 months overstay: September 2016.

They can also be lower, as shown by one example in October 2017 where it was only 22,000 for 12 months overstay.

Financial Penalties for Visa Overstay in the Philippines:

The minimum penalties appear to be:

  • All Visa Extension Fees not previously paid.
  • Fine for Overstaying – (additional) Php 500.00 per month
  • Motion for Reconsideration for Overstaying – (additional) Php 500.00

I have read that the Overstay fee for just a few days would be about 4,000 pesos.

This would be the 3,030 peso first Visa Extension fee + Overstay Fees.  (2015 fees)

If the Overstay is for over one month, but less than two months, then I would guess that the fee would be closer to 12,000 peso, made up as follows:

3,030 pesos – First Visa Extension fee
7,340 pesos – Next Visa Extension fee plus the ACR-i card fee
1,000 pesos – Fine for Overstaying (2 months)
500 pesos – Motion for Reconsideration for Overstaying

If the Overstay is for just over one year, then I would guess that the fee would be closer to 35,000 peso, PLUS possible DEPORTATION.  The fee would be made up as follows (assume figures for 13 months):

3,030 pesos – First Visa Extension fee
22,490 pesos – Six x 2 month Visa Extension fees plus the ACR-i card fee
6,000 pesos – Fine for Overstaying (12 months)
500 pesos – Motion for Reconsideration for Overstaying
plus maybe one ACR-i card renewal fee

That is my guess, based on the actual costs for Normal Visas last year.  If anyone has paid an Overstay Fee, please give details in the comments box below, showing the date and the fee paid and the total days overstayed.  Thank you.

The Official Statement for Visa Extensions is:

Foreigners admitted under Section 9 (a) of the Philippine Immigration Act (PIA) of 1940, as amended, or Executive Order No. 408, as amended, may extend their authorized stay every two (2) months for a total stay of not more than:
– a) Twenty-four (24) months for visa-required nationals; and
– b) Thirty-six (36) months for non-visa required nationals.

The said periods shall be counted from the date of applicant’s latest recorded arrival.

Overstaying Foreigners in the Philippines

Foreigners who have overstayed for twelve (12) months or less but have been in the country beyond the maximum allowable period already may be permitted to update their stay with order to leave the country within fifteen (15) calendar days therefrom and their names may be included in the Bureau’s blacklist upon the discretion of the Commissioner; Provided that, the Commissioner, in the exercise of sound judgment, may allow such foreigners to update and extend their stay taking into consideration their Filipino lineage, medical condition, minority and other analogous circumstances.

Foreigners who have overstayed for more than twelve (12) months regardless if their stay is within the maximum allowable period or those found to be overstaying by virtue to a complaint or Mission Order regardless of the period shall be referred for deportation.

Sourced from: www.immigration.gov.ph/…/234-honorable-secretary

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  1. Shey

    Hello Admin,my Korean national friend was overstay here for almost or more than 15 years.Pwede ba sila magpakasal ng kanyang live in partner sa detention center before siya ideport, 1 month na po kasi siya sa taguig nakadetained hndi pa din siya denidefort.Thanks

  2. Thelma Sueselbeck

    Hallo Admin, I came to the Philippines last Sept.14, 2016 with a balikbayan stamp on my passport, on the date of arrival, I have a foreign passport. I would like to ask if I have the Balikbayan privilege of staying one year here. I will be leaving the country on Nov. 20,2017 since I was not able to apply for visa renewal, how much do you think will the penalty be ? Your help will be much appreciated.. Thank you ..

    1. admin

      It looks like your payment will be based on a 3 month overstay.

      You need to go to immigration as soon as possible and get the visa sorted out before going to the airport.

      You will also need to get the ACR card and ask them if you also need the ECC certificate as you are leaving in November.

      1. Thelma Sueselbeck

        Thanks a lot for your reply ..

  3. Brian

    Hi i’ve lived a few years in the philippines, never overstayed and never had or caused any problem. i’m now abroad and need to return very soon to the philippines to get my son and my gf (future wife) to my country in the next months. i ve done many papers and went through tedious and frustrating process and the other day in a private message(not publicly) on a forum website i was exchanging opinions about the government of the philippines and a few bad words came out of me regarding ignorance and other things.i didn’t realize that the person i was talking to was filipino and then he told me i could be easily blacklisted for what i said. luckily my last name was not there in my profile but the person could find it making a few searches on google. i know maybe im just being paranoid but i can’t afford to be blacklisted for something like ths considering i have to go back also for my son. do you have any idea of how long would it take for a filipino to report me and to convince BI to put me in a blacklist? of course i dont deserve it but you never know. i would appreciate having your opinion about it, thanks

    1. admin

      I would not worry too much.

      Very few people have problems like that, even when publishing books that are really bad about the Philippines.

      Immigration will need substantial proof, not just a few written words in private.

      1. Brian

        Thanks for your reply!

  4. Lygia M. Adato

    Hello admin..I have a question I need your reply..My Canadian citizen brother was killed in the philippines 3 years ago and the partner is in jail until now..They leave behind 2 daughters that the DSWD gave me the legal guardian..The kids are born in the philippines and my brother applied for them to become canadian citizen..I had to renew their passport a year ago so I can bring them to toronto..The immigration at the airport ask so many question at the end I was able to bring them last year to Canada..Before they lets us go they told me if the children are going back home they need to be dual but I spoke to the philippine embassy here and said they are automatic dual citizen..The kids where canadian citizen but never left philippines until I brought them a year ago..Im going back to the philippines in 3 months time and I will be taking the older kid 13 years back with me..My finally question will she have a problem coming back to toronto again?? So if the kids never left philippines when they became canadian citizen what year I dont know?? Is that what you call overstayed?? Pls let me know what I need to do so the kid can come back to Canada with no problem..thank you.

  5. Lara

    Hello. My bf is overstaying for almost a year now. We are willing to pay penalties. He is leaving on the 19th of October and we are going to settle his overstay in the main office on Monday (16th of October). How long do you think the process would be and how much would be the cost? Thank you!

    1. admin

      It should only take a couple of hours, unless there are any complications.

      Unfortunately though, immigration can take as long as they wish, and have been known to do so when an overstayer is not “of the right attitude” when asked about why they broke the law.

      Always best to be nice and hope for the best.

      The cost should be around the figures quoted in the page above, although I have heard of some

      Please let us know how you get on after the 16th.

      1. Lara

        Thanks for the reply! One more question, does he need ECC?

        1. admin

          Over 6 months and an ECC is needed. To get the ECC you need a valid up to date visa and an ACR-i card.
          The immigration people can do all that.
          Use the receipt for the ACR I card, at the airport, to show you paid for it, even though you may not have received it in time.

          1. Lara

            Hello. I just came back from Manila. Due to the transport strike last October 16 and 17 we were not able to catch his flight. So we decided to rebook and he was able to leave Saturday the 21st. The immigration officers were very helpful. They fast tracked our application and we only paid around 22,000 for his 12 months overstay. It’s not an easy process but we made it. But it was a lesson learned.

          2. admin

            Thank you for the update. It’s good to know, but confusing how the costs can vary… Yours being 22,000 for 12 months overstay, and another paying 79,500 for 19 months overstay. Neither being what they state on the website.

  6. mhiel

    Hello po,
    Ask ko lang po if ever nabayaran na yung penalty. How long an american citizen stay in phil. Were going to pay the penalties this october 13,2017 and the ticket we got is on october 20,2017. Are we consider overstay still how much we will pay if incase. Thank you so much.

    1. admin

      I would estimate it will be about 4,000 peso, if a penalty for up to one month overstay is involved, but if you pay on time, it should only be about 3,000 peso, to renew to cover the extra time.

      1. Marieta burt

        Hi tanong lng pho ung asaw ko dumating pho siya dto sa pinas ng mar 25.2016 pumunta pho kme sa immigratino noon buwan nag Apr hanggang Jul 2016.hind na pho kme nka balik nang immigration para magbayad ng overstay niya ddto sa Davao kc na stroke pho siya.dalawang bisis pho siyang na stroke.pero ung i card niya pho ay issue Date noong 17-May-2016 Card Expiry Date:17-May-2017 mgkano pho ba ang bayaran namin sa overstay niya.thanks very much?

  7. aki

    hello admin,
    japanese citizen po ako with 2 sons overstayed sa pinas.
    son1- jan.20,2014, starting that date to june nakakapagbayad kami ng extension fee, but after hindi na. hanggang kay son2.

    son2- apr.3,2016

    how much will we pay for cost?

  8. Mahad

    Hello admin. I have a friend who used to have student visa but it expired and he overstayed for almost 2yrs due to personal and family matters. My question is this, how can he solve this problem? He is willing to pay the fines but he wants to avoid deportation and he wants to continue with his studies. Any advice pls?

    1. admin

      It is in the hands of immigration. He can prepare a good reason, go and pay, and hope for the best.

      A bad immigration record is proving to be a problem for some people.

      Sometimes a persons embassy can assist, but not always.

    2. Bebblebrox

      Im a japanesse. I also had same issue with your friend. I had a friend who is working on visa agency. Please let me know. I will refer u

  9. Alona Raymundo

    Hi Admin,dumating po last month September 7,ang hubby ko,sa October 13 ang balik nya sa Japan,gusto ko po malaman kung may penalty na sya?tnx admin.

  10. Eunice Villalobos

    Hi Admin. My boyfriend has been overstaying here since 2011. He is holding an eritrean passport. I would like to know if ever i marry him will he not need to to pay his overstaying fee. Or whats the best way to do so he can go back to his country without paying the overstaying fee. Thank you.

    1. admin

      Some people who are allowed to leave without paying the fees, are then not allowed to return, after being put on
      a blacklist. Normally a persons embassy helps with that.

      I doubt that marrying will change anything, but I haven’t heard anything definite on this.

  11. Mae

    My 3yr old niece overstay for only 1day.reason is delayed arrival of the passport …how much for 1 day?

    1. admin

      I have read that the Overstay fee for just a few days would be about 4,000 pesos.

      This would be the cost for a one month Visa Extension fee (Minimum period) + Overstay Fees.

  12. Mae

    My 3 year old niece.only 1 day overstay?how much should I pay for that?

  13. tine

    my friend has arrive in the country last june 23 2016 and at the same year he is to leave last dec.19 but intil now staying in the country when was the starting date of his overstaying period ? and how much would it cost for him to ho back home? how long would it take for him to go home after paying for the said penalties?

    1. admin

      That is almost a 3 year overstay.

      The official figures show about 90,000 pesos plus referral for possible deportation and blacklisting.

      However I have seen one person who had to pay almost 80,000 for just over one and a half years overstay.

      He needs to go to the nearest Bureau of Immigration.

      1. Tine

        Hi admin my friend over stay in the country for almost 1 year and 2 months how much would it cost for him to pay?

    2. Bebblebrox

      Im a japanesse. I’ve been here overstayor a 4 years. There might be possible that ur friend will be includdd in blacklist or will be deported. I suggest that if you know a friend who have friend inside imigration they xan help you to prevent that. Me my friend helps me to file for amnesty and i payed.

  14. tine

    good evening admin my friend has been overstaying in the philippines he arrive here at june 23 2016 and to leave the country last dec.19 of the same year how much would it cost for him to go back home? and how would be the process?

  15. Mouli jagadeeswaran

    Hi admin.i am downgrading my visa to go to my country india.for downgrading i paid 5,240 pesos.my visa expired in aug 2 2017.its 2 months 4 days.so i want to how much penalty.

    1. admin

      It would be the rate for 3 full months, as estimated in the post above.

  16. MBP

    My auntie visited phils. Dec.2015 and she’s still here until now..how much is her penalty for over staying? She is 89 years old.she is a US citizen..thank u

  17. Fazla

    Hi I’m for brama I’m overstay in Philippine one month and 5 days how much I need to pay

    1. admin

      It looks like this:

      If the Overstay is for over one month, but less than two months, then I would guess that the fee would be closer to 12,000 peso, made up as follows:
      3,030 pesos – First Visa Extension fee
      7,340 pesos – Next Visa Extension fee plus the ACR-i card fee
      1,000 pesos – Fine for Overstaying (2 months)
      500 pesos – Motion for Reconsideration for Overstaying

  18. marie

    hi admin. my american citizen boyfriend has overstayed in the philippines for almost 8 yrs and hasnt renewd his passport and his passport was stolen, how much would be his total penalty fees because he is planning to pay for them and go back to the us , thanks

    1. admin

      I would estimate around the 250,000 pesos figure, but it can be higher.

      He needs to go to the US embassy first and sort out a new passport, and take the opportunity to discuss his visa situation with them. They may be able to offer some assistance.

  19. Andy

    Hi Admin! my american fiance will be overstaying for 3 year in Jan. 2018
    How much is the estimate fee that we need to raise in order for him to go back home?
    You reply is very much appreciated!

    1. admin

      The official figures show about 90,000 pesos plus referral for possible deportation and blacklisting.

      However I have seen one person who had to pay almost 80,000 for just 19 months overstay. Not sure why though.

  20. joyceanne

    hi there ! im going for a 51 days vacation in the philippines..do i need to apply for visa.. at may babayaran po ba ako.. kasi last 2015 ,52 days po ako nagbakasyong s pinas wla namn po ako bnayaran. so now magbabayad na po ba ako.. status ko po canadian citizen po..uuwi po ako jan29-march20.2018..san po pwde mag apply if ever .. plss do reply.. thanks in advace ..

    1. admin

      Have a look at http://www.in-philippines.com/visa-free-entry-to-philippines/

      Some people do apply for the full visa in advance at a local Philippine Embassy or Consulate.

      1. joyceanne

        how much po pag apply.. if ever po sa pinas ako
        mag apply ok lng po ba..so sa 51 days po na pag stay k dun how
        much po bbyaran ko if ever at san mo magbbyad s airport po ba

  21. Elein

    Hi admin i have a friend stay in phils. Almost a year and he is overstayin. he have a student visa but when he is stop studying he dont apply for his renewal visa .how much he need to pay for that case?

    1. admin

      A 1 year overstay has a cost of around 30,000 pesos.

  22. Preetham

    My visa validity is 90 days but in visa it’s return 30 days if I extended for four days how much will be penlaty and what can I do

  23. Marty

    Two part question: I have nearly overstayed 1 month, in fact tomorrow will be a month, will it make any big difference in the amount I will have to pay if I go 10-2-2017 which is the first Monday of the month but 2 days on top of the month i have already overstayed. Also does anyone know if immigration is open on Saturdays? According to google the immigration office in Angeles city is open Saturdays.

    1. admin

      They do it in full month blocks, so you will end up doing a 2 month renewal with 2 months fines.

      Not sure on the Saturday opening, but I know they sometimes are, but on some occasions they haven’t been open. Maybe local holidays change it.

      It is annoying when you arrive and find they have chosen not to open and the only notification is the sign on the wall.

  24. Johnny Rodz

    howdy, I am an american who has been here since 20 April 2016 i arrived in country with my son with both of us on a US passport…i have been getting the required visa extension and i am current on those i am due to leave on Oct 12 2017..i was told for my son since his mother is Filipino and he was born in Manila as well, simply just get a Philippines passport and he will be excluded from doing the same visa extensions that i have been doing i was also told when leaving to present both passports and i will be good to go…my only worry is that again he came into country on his USA passport and we got him his Philippine passport about 2-3 months afterwards (August 2016)…i have also several asked travel agencies and they said that he should be good to go just asking the question again to be sure…thanks !!!!

    1. admin

      I have heard both answers to this and am not really sure how the Philippines immigration deal with it.

      A Filipino can travel to any non visa required country without a problem, but a person travelling on a foreign passport needs to have a valid visa before they can leave. And an ECC after 6 months.

      Using both passports does indicate it should be OK. I have heard of some that go through OK like that, but be ready to explain in case you get an officer that says otherwise.

  25. Tal

    I am an american citizen who has been overstaying for almost 10 years. Since 2008. I submitted a voluntary deportation letter to immigrations with a cover letter from the us embassy last aug 15. And went back to immigrations last week wednesday. They told me to call on friday, when I did, they said it is now at the legal department but when I called the legal department no one was answering and until now no one is answering. Now my concern is if I go there personally to the main office, will I know if they approved me to leave or is there another process after that. Is the legal department the last process. Really need to leave asap. Thank you.

  26. Glenda Ankersen

    My Mum was born in the Philippines and had a Philippines passport, albeit expired and has since lost this. She has dual nationality – Philippines and USA. She went back to the Philippines in July this year using her US passport and has now overstayed – 2 months.

    Will she be penalised for overstaying, bearing in mind she was born and raised in the Philippines, had a valid Philippines passport (albeit expired and lost).

    What can she do in the meantime.

    Many thanks

    1. admin

      She is travelling as a US citizen, and will normally be treated as such.

      If she had a Philippines passport, she may avoid penalties, but even then most of what I hear is that penalties are charged based on the passport being used for travel.

  27. vinod

    Hello admin, Need your guidance for my ships friend. He’s married to afilipina .they have got a son who was born in India And his wife took his son to Philippines on tourist visa. Its 8 years now child has overstay. how to sort this mess legally so that the child can stay in Philippines.Thanks

    1. admin

      Apply for Philippine citizenship for the child being a child of a Filipina.

      1. vinod

        Thanks but will he still have to pay overstay penalties?

        1. admin

          Under the 1987 Philippine Constitution, Article IV, Section 1, it states that:
          The following are citizens of the Philippines:
          Those whose fathers or mothers are citizens of the Philippines;

          Being a citizen means no penalties to stay in the Philippines, as you mentioned.

          1. vinod

            Thanks Mr.Admin.

  28. angelica

    ano po ang dapat namin gawin para hindi po ma blacklisted ang chinese fiance ko. if ever na bayaran namin full ang penalties niya ? please po help me answer my request.

    1. Bebblebrox

      Kailan pa ba sia nasa pinas. Im a japa.esse and i aas helped by the agency. In u want i xan refer u. Just let me know.

  29. angelica

    hello admin , magkano ang fees and penalties para sa overstay na 5 years ? pag babayaran po ba namin ang penalties niya hindi po ba siya madedeport ? fiance ko po siya , may 1 anak po kami. mgpapakasal kami next year and nagpaplano kami na umuwi ng china for vacation. please help me.

  30. Ivy

    Hello admin i have a friend he been stay here almost 6 months and he didnt pay his extend visa for some reason, now he dont know what to do coz he scared maybe he will deport but his willing to pay the visa and the pinalty, for 6months how much he will pay plus the pinalty?please help me thanks

    1. admin

      Deportation is unlikely for under 6 months, so it is best to sort it out as soon as possible.

      The cost is about 18,000 to 20,000 pesos, for visa fees and penalty. I am not sure if it has risen recently. Please let us know how he gets on, and what he has to pay, when he has done it.

      1. Ed

        I was wondering how i can be able to re enter the philippines? From 2000 to 2012 i have been living in the philippines but wrote to the u.s embassy that i wasnt competent to pay my overstay fee. so i bought a ticket and was allowed to go back to the u.s. in 2012. Now 2017, I am ready to pay off my overstay fees because i would like to visit the philippines and get my name off the blacklist. If I pay the fees will I be able to go back to visit the philippines as soon as i pay off my overstay fees? What do I need to do?

        1. admin

          I am not aware of the rules on this. Have you asked the local Philippines Embassy or Consul about this.

          They may be able to advise, and check on any blacklisting for you.

          If you are lucky the blacklist period may have started when you left, and not from date of fine payment.

          If I can find anything I will let you know, otherwise please tell us how you get on.

  31. Cha

    Hi. I just wanna know how is it about around 2008 my dad renewed my Philippine passport since I am dual citizen here in the Phillipines past 2008 I haven’t received my Phil. passport. I can’t apply for lost affidavit because of my ongoing process of my birth certificate 5 years now I just wanna know how much is it to be paid 2008-2017. How long would it take cause I’ll be leaving the Philippines soon to clear stuff before heading back to my country.

    1. admin

      Yours sounds complex, but a ten year overstay is around 300,000 pesos, and normally probable deportation. However, being a Philippine citizen should avoid deportation..

      You should go to a Bureau of Immigration and ask them what you need to do. Also, maybe first ask at the Passport office about your Philippine Passport.

      1. Cha

        Hello , thanks for the response I went to them already. DFA could not help aswell I wasn’t born here only raised that’s why I had a dual citizenship in this country. My mom is a Filipina. How long would it take to process if I’ll pay the amount said, Does it take long? I’m handling stuff here since my dad passed away 7 years now and UK is been phoning me to go back to the country soon as it’s done. Thanks

        1. admin

          I am not sure how long in your case, but you should check it with the Bureau of Immigration as soon as you can. It may be depend on how easily you can prove you are a Filipino too.

          It sounds like getting the Philippine passport might be difficult if you don’t have the old one.

          1. Cha

            I have all my supporting documents and complete all old passports since 1998-2003. That is state I have a Filipina blood by my mom and stated as a citizen as well. Anyway thanks a lot so I’ll check around tomorrow in the immigration and ask my case and advices thanks again for the response. Have a nice day!

          2. admin

            I hope all goes well for you, and it gets sorted quickly.

          3. Cha

            1998-2008 rather.

  32. Jher

    Hi Admin,
    May i know how much would it cost for my friend to pay the penalty of almost a month of overstayed and extend visa?

    1. admin

      approximate costs for overstay payments including Visa Fees, ACR cards and Penalties:
      4,310 From One day to One Month Overstay (Updated Sept 2017)
      13,000 Total for Up to Three Month Overstay

      The cost to extend is the normal rates depending on when you arrived.

  33. Vedansh meel

    Hi! I m a foreigner so i m on student visa but it was expired on 9th September so much penalty i have to pay for this including visa extension…..thank you

    1. admin

      Yours could be relatively easy, 4,310 pesos to renew, with penalty, and maybe another 1,000 to get a two month renewal instead of 1 month, to cover to 9th November. Maybe more if you need the ACR card too.
      However, that is for tourist visas. Not sure about Students. I will have to look into that, as a separate thing.

  34. Alvin

    Hi admin
    My child are Canadian citizen they stayed there for 5months now I’m picking them up this nov.. how much should pay if they over stay I know they are only allowed to stay in Philippine for 6months.. just wanna know how much should I pay if they over stay 1month thank you

  35. Ed

    Hi! I have a foreigner friend who has overstayed for almost 2 years now, may I know how much it will cost to repay the penalties, and if so, can it be paid by installment, and what are the other options available? Thanks.

    1. admin

      Two years is around 60,000 pesos.

      I have not heard of anyone paying by instalments before.

      I have heard that some are held in detention until it is paid. That may be for those who overstay too long.
      Two years might qualify for that.

      You need to get hold of the money so you can pay in full.

      1. Ed

        Hi Admin, thanks for the reply. If this friend will get married to a Filipino will the penalties be waived? And is a 13A Resident Visa possible?

        1. admin

          I doubt it, but it might be worth checking with a Migration agent in the Philippines.

  36. Maria

    How much would be penalty for over staying for 5 years? Last visa was student visa

    1. admin

      The last time I looked it was about 150,000 pesos in total for up to Five Years Overstay.

      Deportation and a re-entry ban is also possible.

  37. andy

    hi ive overstayed for 19 noths now may i know how much is the fine and also if i pay up everything will i be bann from coiomg here again thank you

    1. admin

      You are looking at nearly 60,000 pesos in fines and overdue visa fees.

      And the official line is:

      Foreigners who have overstayed for twelve (12) months or less < ..> may be permitted to update their stay with order to leave the country within fifteen (15) calendar days therefrom and their names may be included in the Bureau’s blacklist upon the discretion of the Commissioner. Many do avoid being blacklisted, it may depend on reason and length of overstay.

      Foreigners who have overstayed for more than twelve (12) months regardless if their stay is within the maximum allowable period or those found to be overstaying by virtue to a complaint or Mission Order regardless of the period shall be referred for deportation. It may not always happen though.

  38. louie

    my friend got the one year balikbayan privilege. Being a senior with medical issues, she forgot to check her passport and she did not realise her BB privilege expired in May. She has a booked ticket to leave end of this month.What should she do to avoid any problem in the airport? any information how much she needs to pay? do you think that there is a risk for her to be black listed? thank you

    1. admin

      The fees will be in the region of 4 months per the figures above.

      In their position I would get the visa issue resolved at the nearest Bureau of Immigration, as soon as possible to avoid any issues. You may need that time to get an ACR card application in also.

      I would say that blacklisting is very unlikely, especially if you get it resolved as soon as you can and give a good reason.

  39. AnonymousK

    Hi,I have been here in the Philippines for 6months but I have overstayed my latest visa by 2months because it expired in July 16. Ps; I am just a 19year old girl living independently independently due to unavoidable circumstances but my worry is will I get deported because I want to go and extend my visa again but I am afraid. Somebody please help

    1. admin

      Deportation for just 2 months overstay is not a normal thing. Just explain that you didn’t have the opportunity to renew before, and you want to get it done now, and extend it.

      The possibility of deportation is normally only for longer periods of overstay.

  40. Alex

    Hi question ko lng po..my friend ako n pure pinoy at dto po cya pnanganak s pilipinas and ng mga 9 years old nya dinala cya s us ng sister nya at dun n cya lumaki..ngaun umuwi cya dto s pilipinas nung 2013 at 37 yrs old cya nung time n un..ngaun. 5 years n cya overstay
    …at 43 yrs n rin cya..ano po b penalties skanya..mddeport po b cya?ano po b d best nyang gawin.?

  41. Tal

    Hello admin, I have overstayed 3 days by mistake – honest mistake as I thought the Visa was ending tomorrow but I doubt they’ll care… Just found out about it now, and my flight is tomorrow morning at 8. Can u pay the fee at the airport desks? Because apparently the bureau(s) of immigration are only open from 8 am to 5 pm, so that means ill lose my flight. What else can I do?

    1. admin

      It seems you have no choice but to try at the airport, get there early and see.
      They may send you to the Main office, but, as you say, you would miss the flight then.
      Be as nice as you can and hope for the best, they do sometimes bend the rules, but we hear more horror stories than good ones..
      Please let us know how you get on. It might be useful for others.

      1. Tal

        Just arrived at the airport as I had a connecting flight from Cebu, I was able to pay the fee at the airport, they charged me 4310 pesos for a 1 day overstay (even though my flight is tomorrow in the morning, was able to get through the first security check because already had my boarding pass printed at Cebu). Once I got to the immigration desks, the worker sent me to the cashier desk on the far right, there I paid the penalty. It was in terminal 3 by the way. Just glad I won’t miss my flight

        1. Tal

          Here is the breakdown if anyone cares:

          The girl told me this is the fee for up to 1 month.

        2. admin

          Thanks for letting us know. It is good to hear that they can now do this at the airport, at least for some.

          More importantly for you, you did not miss the flight.

          Although a bit pricey for one day.

          1. Michael T

            Hi Admin i have a question. I got my first extension at the bureau of imigration in makati. My first extension is good until October 9 2017 but my flight is on October 11 2017 at 4:45am. My question is should I go back to the bureau of Imigration to get a second extension even though I am only staying for 2 more days?
            Also if I just pay the fine for the 2 days overstay at the airport will I have to pay for an acr-i card?

          2. admin

            The ACR card requirement may be a problem. I feel that you will need to go to Makati again and get a further renewal to cover that extra period, with the ACR card.

            You can pay fines at the airport, at least for some people. The one recently was for just 1 day over the initial free visa period. That was over 4,000 pesos.

            Philippines Immigration do say:
            Who can apply?
            All foreign nationals who are visa holders of Temporary Visitor’s Visa or Tourist Visa who have stayed for more than fifty-nine (59) days in the Philippines

            That makes it sound voluntary, but when renewing after 59 days, they do one whether you want it or not.
            And after 6 months, you can’t leave the country without a valid one.

  42. Shanee

    Hello admin, my canadian boyfriend overstayed his visa for 7 days now, and he wil be going back tomorrow. Will the B.I. hold him at the airport? Can he pay for his fines at the airport?

    1. admin

      People normally get sent to an immigration office in the City.
      There is then the risk of missing the flight.
      It would be good if they could accept payment at the airport, but as more people would then just overstay and sort it out at the airport, I can see their logic.

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