Apr 19 2015

Live Like a King in The Philippines

Is it possible to live like a King in the Philippines?

What does “Live Like a King” mean” ?.  I ask that question after reading an Englishman saying the phrase “To Live Like a King” does not mean “To Live Like a King”.  Now that is the worst English confusion example I have ever heard.

It appears that “To Live Like a King” means to live in the comfort that you want, with all the luxuries that you want.

Examples from various forums and web sites:

  • For 1200 US a month you can live like a king.
  • With your $2,400 monthly income you will live like a king
  • You can live like a king on $5,000 per month in the Philippines
  • How to Live Like a King in the Philippines on $500 a Month

So, where do we begin, to work out what it would cost to live a really comfortable, safe life in the Philippines, almost like a King?


I first looked for a 3 bedroom condominium  for rent in Fort Bonifacio, Manila.  A nice safe area, and came up with this:

  • FOR RENT One Mckinley Place Condo, The Fort Fully-furnished 190 sq. m. 3 Bedrooms 3 T & B 2 Parking slots available. Monthly Rental : php 170,000 per month

So: 170,000 pesos at 44 pesos to the US dollar = $3,863 per month (at April 2015)

From that list of 4 examples, 3 of them appear totally wrong, leaving just “You can live like a king on $5,000 per month in the Philippines” as a possible, but with 77% of that figure taken with a 3 bedroom decent apartment in a safe area.  Not in a Kings mansion!


T Bone Steaks, US or Australian quality and size, are about 5 times the price of local meat.  Going by my budget grocery costs of about 16,000 pesos per week for food for 2, I would prefer to spend nearer 50,000 per month to feel “comfortable” by my standards.  So that’s near enough $1,150 per month

Maids, Servants and Drivers:

Not too bad a price at about 5,000 peso per month each. (US$120)

What have we reached so far?

$3,863 Accommodation
$1,150 Food
$ 240 Maids etc (2 people)

$5,243 per month

Cars, Travel, Holidays, Eating Out, etc have not yet been added. Nor have Education costs or Medical Bills etc.


I would have to say that I feel I would need more like US$10,000 (A$13,000) per month (440,000 pesos) to live like a king in the Philippines.
That way I would have some spare to go out to restaurants, nightclubs and other entertainment events.
IE: I could live in the comfort that I would like with most of the luxuries that I would be comfortable with.

In reality that is 5 times what I get by on here, on my budget, and that is NOT in an expensive safe area of Manila like BGC or The Fort.

Dictionary Meanings:

reference.com – Enjoy a lavish style of living, as in He spared no expense, preferring to live like a king
www.oxforddictionaries.com – Live in great comfort and luxury.
thefreedictionary.com – He lived like a king, drinking champagne and driving a Porsche.
macmillandictionary.com – to live in a very comfortable way, with much more money than you need

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    • Manila 1 on April 19, 2015 at 1:28 am
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    An example of some entertainment costs in Manila:
    Seats to the One Direction tour at the SM Mall of Asia on March 21, 2015 start at 3,775 peso. About A$110 and go up to 17,950 peso, over A$500.

  1. The Median House Price in Makati is quoted at PHP 130,000,000. A mortgage for that over 20 years would cost about 1M pesos per month in repayments. About US$22,700 per month

    Taguig City (BGC) at 34,000,000 peso median price, is cheaper at a mortgage payment of only 264,000 pesos per month. About US$6,000 per month.

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