Jun 29 2013

Minolo Shipping Lines, Puerto Galera and Batangas

Minolo Shipping Lines, operate a ferry service between Puerto Galera and Batangas, using the familiar Outrigger ferries called Bancas or Bankas, in this area.

These Bancas can carry over 100 passengers and operate routes between Batangas, Muelle and White Beach.

Minolo Shipping Lines Banka Golden Eagle
One Way Adult Rates at June 2013 were:

230 php Batangas and Muelle

 30 php Muelle and White Beach

275 php Batangas and White Beach

Children under 12 are half price (1/2), and under 3 are one fourth (1/4) the adult rate.

There are two extra Fees to be payable at Batangas Port:

50 php Environmental User Fee

30 php Terminal Fee

There is ONE extra Fee payable at Muelle Port:

10 php Terminal Fee


Minolo Shipping Lines

Tel: 043 287 3614

Mob: 0917 839 2680


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