Aug 10 2015

Old Philippines Passports after 31 October 2015

Old Philippines Passports to be phased out by 24 November 2015

From the Department of Foreign Affairs

International Civil Aviation Organization Worldwide Passport Rules

Per the regulations of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and the standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), all non-machine readable passports may no longer be extended beyond October 31, 2015 and must be completely phased out by November 24, 2015.

All Filipino machine readable-ready passports (MRRP; green passports) and machine readable passports (MRP; maroon passports) will be completely phased out by November 24, 2015.

Philippines Passports Green Philippines Passports Maroon

Holders of the above Passports must apply for a new e-Passport as soon as possible before the expiry of these MRRP (green) or MRP (maroon) passports.

The Dark Maroon passport below is the only type to be Valid from November 2015

Philippines E-Passports Dark Maroon

Those who fail to travel with a new E-Passport will likely encounter difficulty at immigration checks when traveling through ports of entry around the world after October 2015.


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