May 20 2016

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Overstaying Foreigners

Overstaying Foreigners

Overstaying Foreigners 6 to 12 Months

Foreigners who have overstayed for twelve (12) months or less but have been in the country beyond the maximum allowable period already may be permitted to update their stay with order to leave the country within fifteen (15) calendar days therefrom and their names may be included in the Bureau’s blacklist upon the discretion of the Commissioner; Provided that, the Commissioner, in the exercise of sound judgment, may allow such foreigners to update and extend their stay taking into consideration their Filipino lineage, medical condition, minority and other analogous circumstances.

Overstaying Foreigners 12 Months plus

Foreigners who have overstayed for more than twelve (12) months regardless if their stay is within the maximum allowable period or those found to be overstaying by virtue to a complaint or Mission Order regardless of the period shall be referred for deportation.

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  1. admin

    She needs to renew her passport ASAP.
    Then arrange to pay all outstanding visas with penalties. Also be ready to leave the country immediately.

    If she is a dual citizen and has a Philippine passport there are alternatives to that.

  2. Carmie Ortega

    Hi my daughter who is an american citizen has overstayed in the philippines for 9 years and her passport is expired need help what i can do. I’m trying to get her and bring her back in the united states. Please help tnx.

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