Jun 16 2015

Property Prices in Metro Manila Mid 2015

House Prices in Manila

House prices in Manila range from the really cheap, but very basic shed type house, right up to the really expensive, world class prices for the very rich.

This shows the vast diverseness of house pricing in the Philippines.

People can live either really cheaply or they might need massive incomes, even by western Standards to maintain some of these homes.

The following shows a couple of examples of property for sale in Metro Manila, showing the extremes of normal living in Manila:

This is an example of a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom house on a 46 sq metre block of land in Caloocan City, Metro Manila, for 850,000 pesos (A$24,560 at 16/6/15)
Caloocan 2 Bed 850,000 46sqm

This is an example of a FOUR bedroom house on a 650 sq metre block of land in Makati City, Metro Manila, for 250,000,000 pesos (A$7,250,000 at 16/6/15)
Dasmarinas Village, Makati 250,000,000, 650sqm

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