Sep 25 2014

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Unlimited Prepaid Mobile Internet Plans September 2014

Unlimited Prepaid Mobile Internet Plans September 2014

SMART Monthly Unlimited Internet

Unli Surf 999

You get 30 days of unlimited mobile surfing with the new Smart Unli Surf 999 for only Php 999 pesos per month! Just text UNLI 999 to 211.

Details at 25 Sept 2014 from: www1.smart.com.ph/Prepaid/offers/data/2013/07/01/unli-surf-999


GLOBE Monthly Unlimited Internet

GoSurf 999

The latest Globe Surfing plans now have Monthly limits, but allow unlimited access at a cap of Php 1,500 pesos per month.  This is charged at 999 pesos for the GOSURF999 plan, plus an extra 2 pesos per MB used after the 5GB monthly allocation has been used, up to a maximum charge of 1,500 pesos for the month, assuming you have sufficient extra load on your SIM card.  501 pesos in the case of the GoSurf999 plan, or more for the lower charged monthly plans. Without extra load on your SIM, your internet access will end after the 5GB has been used.

Details at 25 Sept 2014 from: www.globe.com.ph/surf/plan/gosurf

SUN Monthly Unlimited Internet


Sun allows Unlimited 30 Days for Php 999

Details at 25 Sept 2014 from: http://suncellular.com.ph/vas/mobile-internet

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