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Wages in the Philippines 2010

2010 Average Wages and Salary in the Philippines

The 2010 Annual Survey of Philippine Business and Industry (ASPBI) revealed the following:

The Philippines employed 3,966,110 persons Industry-wide in 2010

Total compensation paid in 2010 amounted to PHP824.89 billion

Average annual compensation in 2010 reached PHP211,615

2010 Average Employee Annual Pay

PHP824.89 billion pesos divided by 3,966,110 persons = 207,985. Close enough to:

2010 Average Annual Wage is 211,615 pesos

The 2010 Census of Population and Housing, stated the number of households for the entire Philippines in 2010 as 20.2 million.
PHP824.89 billion pesos divided by 20.2 million households gives an average Household Income of 40,836 per household.

2010 Average Household Income of 40,836 pesos

2010 Census of Population and Housing, the Philippines had a household population of 92,097,978 persons recorded as of May 1, 2010.

Population of 92,097,978 persons divided by 4.6 persons per Household = 4.56 person per household.


20,200,000 Households
3,966,110 employed persons
Average Workers Income 211,615 pesos.
Average Household Income 40,836 pesos.

Now for an anomaly:

In 2012, Filipino families had an annual income of 235 thousand pesos, on average. https://psa.gov.ph/..-results-2012
This is however 2 years later, but still raises a question, especially as the 2009 report stated:
Filipino families earned 206 thousand pesos yearly, on the average, according to the 2009 Family Income and Expenditure Surveyhttps://psa.gov.ph/old/data/pressrelease/2011/ie09frtx.html

How does an Average Household Income 40,836 pesos in 2010 equate to an average Family Income of 206,000 in 2009 and 235,000 in 2012?

And is a figure of just 4 million employed sound right out of 92 million population, with an unemployment rate of only 6.4%?

Data Sources:

2010 Annual Survey on Philippine Business and Industry Release Date: Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Household Population of the Philippines

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