Questions and Answers

Questions about the Philippines.

A few small general questions that have been asked, with a general answer:

Q: I’m going to be overstaying in Manila for one day due to the cost of a flight back to UK, 1500 verse 800 so I’ll stay ?. What if any issues may I have at the airport. 

– Rich, 20th April 2019

A: One possibility is that they will just let you through, as one day isn’t much. This has been known to happen.

The other possibility, with severe consequences, is that they will send you back to Manila Immigration, to renew the visa, so you can fly out when you come back.  You may miss the flight, and have to book another.

Personally I would play safe and renew, to avoid that issue on leaving.

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Q: What is the minimum amount of money you can enter into the Philippines with a passport? 

– Lloyd, 7th April 2019

A: As far as I am aware, there is no minimum.  I have never been asked.  Possibly because most people use cards these days, to pay for things or to get cash at an ATM.  I had about $200 with me on one occasion, plus debit and credit cards that I used to get cash while there.

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