Battle of Mabitac, Laguna. September 17, 1900

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Filipino Victory In Battle of Mabitac – September 17, 1900

September 17 marks the annual celebration of the Battle of Mabitac, where Filipino soldiers defeated an American force during the Filipino – American War of 1899-1902.

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The Battle of Mabitac, which took place on September 17, 1900, was an engagement in the Philippine-American War where a troop of Filipino guerrillas led by General Juan Cailles defeated the advancing American force led by Colonel Benjamin Cheatham, Jr.

Source: Laguna Tourism, Culture, Arts and Trade Office

The US forces numbered about 300 from the 37th and 15th U.S. Volunteer Infantry. The US losses were 21 killed, 23 wounded, according to US claims or 180 dead and wounded according to Filipino estimates.

The Filipino forces numbered between 300 (Filipino claim) and 800 (US Estimate). The Filipino losses were 11 killed, 20 wounded according to US claims or 2 dead and 3 wounded according to Filipino claims.

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