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  2. hello! im a filipino residing here in japan ..my question is my son want to study english language bcoz they dont teach english subject here.. both me and son have a permanent visa..the problem is we dont know where to find school…my son will be graduating next year but before going to college, he wants to study english first so he can communicate with other people everytime he wants to travel back home…we dont know where to start..i hope you could help us…

    1. I have seen English language tuition schools in various parts of the Philippines.

      However, I was also disappointed with the quality of some that I saw. You need to check that the tutor actually speaks good English themselves.

      This is a list of English language schools in the Philippines: https://www.eslbase.com/schools/philippines

      You mention they do not teach English in Japan.
      This is a list of English language schools in Japan, if you need it. https://www.eslbase.com/schools/japan

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