Taxi Services in Cebu

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Taxi Services in the Philippines

Taxis in Cebu Province

Cebu City

Airland Taxi, Cebu City – 032 255 1319
Atlas Taxicab, Cebu City – 032 253 6637
Blue Eye Taxi, Cebu City – 032 238 0307
Corominas Taxi, Cebu City – 0939 424 4492 (Smart)
Kevin Mitz Taxi, Cebu City – 032 255 1319
King Spider Taxi, Cebu City – 032 261 6655
Scorpion Taxi, Cebu City – 032 254 4335

Mandaue City

Catz Taxi, Mandaue City – 032 414 6449
Good Shepherd Taxi, Mandaue City – 032 345 0861
Holiday Taxi, Mandaue City – 032 345 1622

Danao City

Danny’s Cebu Taxi Service, Danao City – 0906 153 4659 (Globe)

Talisay City

Ken Taxi Services, Talisay – 0915 895 2544 (Globe)


Cebu Taxi Phone Numbers

These numbers SHOULD be associated to the taxi names shown. It is a collection I have begun, from the web, to try to help those who need a number.

Please add any you know of to help make this a fuller listing. Also please let me know of any that are wrong.

    • Airland Taxi, Cebu City:  032 255 1319
    • Airport Taxi:
    • Angel JM Taxi:
    • Atlas Taxicab, Cebu City:  032 253 6637
    • Blue Eye Taxi, Cebu City:  032 238 0307
    • Catz Taxi, Mandaue City:  032 414 6449
    • Citrasco Taxi, Cebu City: 032 418 4706
    • Corominas Taxi, Cebu City:  0939 424 4492
    • CTC Taxi, Cebu City: 032 189 0235
    • Darwynn Taxi:
    • DT Taxi :
    • E Taxi :
    • Emerson Taxi:
    • Gilgal Taxi :
    • Good Shepherd Taxi, Mandaue City:  032 345 0861
    • Holiday Taxi, C Ouano Avenue, Mandaue City: (032) 343 8571
    • Holiday Taxi, FF Cruz, Mandaue City: (032) 346 4647
    • Holiday Taxi, North Reclamation Area: (032) 345 1621
    • Holiday Taxi, Reclamation Road, Mandaue City:  (032) 345 1622, (032) 345 1623, (032) 345 3301, (032) 345 3302
    • Jaganz Taxi:
    • Jake Taxi (Citrasco):
    • Ken Taxi Services, Talisay:  (032) 272 1995, 0915 895 2544,  0917 621 8788
    • Kevin Mitz Taxi, Cebu City:  032 255 1319 and 0939 424 4492
    • King Spider Taxi, Cebu City:  032 261 6655
    • M & J Taxi: 0999 080 0973
    • MRK Taxi, Mandaue City:  032 326 4017
    • Paneristi Taxi, Cebu City: 032 256 3367
    • R & F Taxi:
    • Richielda Taxi Basak, Mambaling:  (32) 255-1319 and 0906 084 2967
    • RP Corominas Taxi
    • Safeway Taxi Maguikay, Mandaue City:  (032) 345 0861
    • Saregen Taxi:
    • Scorpion Taxi, Cebu City:  032 254 4335
    • SD Taxi :
    • Spider Taxi, Scorpion Taxi, Airland Taxi: (032) 238 8344
    • Spider Taxi, Scorpion Taxi, Airland Taxi: (032) 254 4335
    • Spider Taxi, Scorpion Taxi, Airland Taxi: (032) 254 6250
    • Spider Taxi, Scorpion Taxi, Airland Taxi: (032) 261 6655
    • Sun Taxi:
    • VNM Taxi:
    • Vudtrasco Taxis: C Padilla, Cebu City. (32) 418 8007,  (32) 418 8007
    • World Wide Taxi:
88 : 13,633 : 2,623,831

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hello, I would like to ask for the contact number of Saregen taxi and there garage address. thank you.

Hello po, hindi ko po nakita ang name ng taxi pero 6214 po yung plate number. Madaling araw po nung sumakay ako sa pier 1, may naiwan po kase akong gamit. Tripod po yun nakalagay sa bag nya. Please do contact me po kung may makuha kayong info about sa taxi.

if flying into cebu is there any taxi restrictions from airport to Terminal one supercat?

Hello, good afternoon. Need help po! Ang mama nako nakasakay ug taxi gikan sa Mandaue Sports Complex going to Consolacion Cansaga last Monday. Nahabilin iyang Brown envelope nga naay mga important documents ato. Sad to say wala sya kahinumdom sa plate number. Please help us about it. Thanks and God bless!

Hi, shout po ako sa taxi na body no. 4866 nah ang nabigay ko is 1000 pesos tapos di nya ako nasuklian. Di ko rim namalayan na 1000 pala yun. I badly need the money dahil yun lang natir kong cash pamasahe ko pa yun papuntang north. Lahug- Northbus just this morning July 12 around 5 am

Good day everyone,
Does anyone here know about Timothy taxi? I was looking on google and I couldn’t find any information about the taxi operator. Please help me find the their information as I left an important Item. Thank you??????

Good evening! Please help me,i need contact no. Of Citrasco taxi body no. 4097 . I left an important item there. Thank you!?

Are taxis currently running?

Hi! Shoutout to the Taxi driver of Christof or kristoff (I don’t know the correct spelling) taxi number 147, i left my phone this morning. He was so kind to return it at the hotel. Im sorry I wasn’t able to get your name, but i could say you are one of a kind, I salute you Sir driver of Taci Christof Kristoff 147 (if im not mistaken). God bless!

One time I rode a taxi on my way to Avalon condominium and I saw this Cebu tour package ad in the taxi. I inquired about it to the driver and got his number. I contacted him and I made plans with him on our upcoming Cebu tour this coming February 13 with some of my Japanese friends. However, my phone got stolen just recently and I don’t have any other copy of his number. It was saved on my phone. I’m looking for the name of that driver and his contact details. If you know any driver who gives Cebu package tours for 3500, please send me a reply. Thank you.


maam jamie, my name is carl, i’m a taxi driver if you need a ride you just contact me in this # 09333910398, thank you & God bless…

I lost my brown Boss wallet I guess around 3to 4 am outside of rose pharmacy,Cebu Corporate Accts., Highway Guizo, Mandaue City, Cebu

I don’t remember taxi name I just looked at taxi number plate 219 can someone help me for that

I need to talk to driver Akira Taxi GXV213. Dropped my cell phone Huawei P20 Blue. Ride from Ayala Taxi Station on way to Grab office Cebu Maxwell Hotel Annex Bldg Escario St Kamputhaw, Cebu City. late this morning around 11 AM. I have tried calling number 4 times and the phone rang but the 5th time no more reply. Willing to give reward to the finder. Important files therein. Contact mobile no. is 09770178661. It can only be opened with my fingerprint and face recognition.

Need help R&F TAXI contact numbers asap please.

Hello. Do you know the contact number for Super 3S taxi? I left my luggage there.
urgent. Thank you

is there such an operator named G & J taxi? if yes does anyone have a contact number? need to talk to one of their drivers

send information about the taxi operator at 09173131142 or

Can I ask any contact number of saregen taxi? Thankz


Also need Saregen taxi operator contact information. left my phone in one of their taxi badly need it ?

Can I have the number of Keannmy Taxi body number 3157 I forgot my wallet there and some documents …

Please help me contact the operator of Christoff Taxi. Coz we left a branded tennis racket there tonight. On board the taxi around 7-8pm. The driver said he lives around Cordova.
You may contact me on mobile #09222033825.

Do you have a contact number of Holy Face of Jesus Taxi?

Hello, Anyone have an idea the telephone number of Saregen Taxi operator. I left my son small backpack mc queen character red color and contains cellphone, 2 shades, ” lampin with hood” and clothes for kids.. it was happen Friday night sept27 8:30pm-9pm we stop at St. Peter Mandaue… Taxi plate no. 272. ( Please text me 0906.7012062) thanks and Godbless!

I also need the number of Dr. J taxi. I left something just now.dont know how to contact them. URGENT PLS

Please help me poh.sumakay ako kagabi nang taxi hindi ko alam ang plate number kasi gabi na at hindi ko nacheck..nalaglag kasi ang susi nang kotse ko..please sa taxi driver if nakita nya ang susi ko please txt reply nlng s message ko..thanks

Can you give me the number of El magna taxi operator? I forgot my luggage and i have important documents and i have a early flight tomorrow. Please help, thank you.

I need help. Where can i send a picture of the taxi? I need to know the taxi operator because my brother left his bag in it. The cctv footage of the hotel is not clear, so we can’t get the plate number and the body number of the taxi. Maybe, is there anyone knows or somehow familiar of the taxi. We only have the picture from the cctv.

Does anyone here know the contact number of Dr. J taxi? My husband left his backpack tonight. There are important office documents inside the bag. Badly needed.

where can i contact to SD company name of taxi because important details left on that taxi. THANK YOU,,, any information please contact to facebook account: jashley nichole martinez or to suzane martinez. please just send message in facebook because i forgot my password of my gmail account. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

good day, can I ask for the contact number of Dr. J Taxi because last I left my phone in the taxi managed by Dr. J. Thank You.

Good evening .
Please I need the contact of the operator of the taxi SALVE PLATE NUMBER 070107 . I need badly I forget my vape . And it very sentimental to me .
Thank you . Please help me .
This is my mobile no. 09205490034.
Or email me on my gmail .

Thank you so much . And God bless you.

I also need the number of Dr. J taxi. I left something just now.dont know how to contact them. URGENT PLS

Please help me. Can you give me a number of the Operator of kim taxi pls.. i need my voters I.D . The guard in Francisca village give the wrong id to the taxi driver. I need my id

Can someone please give me the Mia Taxi number ? I left my phone in the taxi which is brand new. I can’t afford to buy a new one. I am completely devastated.

Can you please give a contact information for KR Taxi. I left something inside their cab tonight..Thanks and God bless!

Do you know the dt taxi 7AT152685? My husband and I left in the trunk 2 infrared ceramic cooker (packed together). We got the number of the garage: 514 7811, but there is either nonstop busy or nobody pick up. Please, can you help us??

Can I have the number of Keannmy Taxi body number 3157 I forgot my wallet there and some documents …