Sep 11 2015

Bahay Bata Center, Angeles City, Pampanga

Angeles Bahay Bata Center

Bahay Bata Drive
Barangay Cuayan
Angeles City
Pampanga, 2009


Web: (Donations and Sponsorships welcome)


The Rotary Club created the Bahay Bata Center in Angeles City, Pampanga to provide a home, education and a future for the street children of the area.

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, the then President of the Philippines, made a special visit to inaugurate the center on July 25, 2001.

Angeles City, located right next to the former USA Clark Air Base, has, according to the Department of Social Welfare and Development, more than 1,500 children registered in the city as ‘street children’. There may be many more not listed.

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    • Rosendo Gamboa on December 16, 2016 at 9:33 am
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    To whom it may concern:

    Gusto po naming malaman kung tumatanggap kayo ng used stuff toys, Kung tumatanggap kayo, paki reply lang po asap para maideliver namin kaagad,
    maraming salamat po.

    • A.Barlow on December 11, 2016 at 2:03 am
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    The “contact us” page on the Bahay Bata webpage is not working … the last
    box to complete is NOT showing a “message” to copy in to it, so as you
    (Bahay Bata) appear to have no e-mail address, this is how I have to contact

    Mr.Alden Barlow
    132 Milton Walk
    Hyde Park
    South Yorkshire
    DN1 3QJ


    tel. (landline) 44 1302 376712
    tel. (mobile) 44 7704 224676

    Hello Bahay Bata,

    I’m contacting you about something very disturbing
    & upsetting that I witnessed last Wednesday (Dec.7th).

    Whilst walking back to the hotel, in Diamond Subdv.
    where I & my asawa were staying, I saw something terrible.
    It happened on MacArthur Highway, on the small stretch of
    road between the front of Marlim Mansions hotel & Didi’s
    Pizza. On that side, just after the bank, there is a small,
    recess … possibly the front area of an abandonned/vacant
    store. As I passed it I heard a loud “cracking” noise & then
    a child screaming. I turned to see a Filipino guy hitting
    a small child (girl around 2/3 years old) with what looked
    like 2 large bamboo canes. The guy stopped hitting her as
    soon as he saw me looking over in horror. It appeared to
    be an area where they were living/sleeping, as various bags
    & belongings were strewn around the recess. I couldn’t see
    any policemen around & so I told a security guard, a little
    further along that stretch of road, about what I had just
    seen & his reaction was “don’t involve yourself sir” … he
    didn’t even seem interested in investigating what I had just
    told him. Back at our hotel (Swagman)I told my wife & her
    reaction was the same. Horrified, but I guess she didn’t
    want me to be involved in anything that could’ve caused us
    to miss our following day’s flight home. I hope & pray that,
    for the sake of this poor, suffering innocent child, you
    will be able to do something about her situation. It may
    well be that the heartless culprit is the child’s father,
    but NO child deserves to be treated so cruelly.
    Over the last 20+ years of us revisitng my wife’s former
    homeland I’ve seen a lot of upsetting poverty, but this
    incident is the first time that I’ve ever felt so sick to
    the stomach & powerless to do anything about it.
    We arrived back in the UK yesterday & this morning I saw
    a BahayBata ad on my wife’s TFC TV channel. You are probably
    the only chance of helping this poor, innocent little girl &
    I truly hope that you can intervene … if they are still
    “living” in that same recess between Marlim Mansions & Didi’s.

    Maraming, maraming Salamat Po for taking the time to read this !


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