We have to talk on something

Have you had this Text message from ?

We have to talk on something very urgent and important, please contact the below email address for details:

[warning]This looks like a SCAM[/warning]

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It gives the appearance of being a scam, so, if asked to give ANY personal information, or if being offered Money, be very wary. Best advise is to ignore it.

It seems to come from a few different telephone numbers, and many people are getting the message.

I have seen these two.

639179617036 or 0917 961 7036

639174977584 or 0917 497 7584

These are also listed elsewhere on the internet:

639174977497 or 0917 497 7497
639174977465 or 0917 497 7465
639174977672 or 0917 497 7672

If anyone knows what it really is about, feel free to let us all know.

1 : 65 : 2,201,297

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4 thoughts on “ We have to talk on something”

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  2. good day mam/sir this is randy flores i’ve already receive your txt message from my # you said that we need to talk somthing .for what?

  3. good day mam/sir,

    this is french saberon, I’ve already receive your text message from my number(09359593338), you said that we need to talk on something, for what is it all about?

    1. This page is intended to warn people that those text messages are a possible scam.

      It would be interesting to hear from anyone that did actually find out.

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