May 20 2015

Balikbayan Boxes and Philippines Customs

What are Balikbayan Boxes

The following is sourced from the Philippines Customs Government website

Balikbayan Boxes are packages of personal effects and/or “pasalubongs” sent by Filipinos residing or working abroad to their families or relatives in the Philippines to enhance Philippine tradition and culture for the promotion and preservation of strong family ties through love and caring expressed in gift-giving.

What is allowed in a Balikbayan Box

Non-commercial goods or goods not in commercial quantity strictly for personal use only, such as: wearing apparel, clothing, foodstuffs/grocery items/canned goods; the value of which must not exceed US$500.00.
Any excess, over the total exemption allowance, is subject to 50% duty and 12% tax.

How often can Filipinos residing or working abroad send a Balikbayan Box to their Families and Relatives in the Philippines

One consignor/sender is allowed to send one (1) box during a six (6) -month period.


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