Moving Household Furniture to the Philippines

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Tax and Duty Free shipping into the Philippines

Filipinos shipping goods to the Philippines

Section 105 of the Tariff and Customs Code of the Philippines as amended by Executive Order No. 206 provides duty and tax free privileges to the following individuals, the extent of which depends on their particular status:

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Returning Resident
Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW)
Former Filipino

The rules for Balikbayans/Returning Resident are shown as:

Personal effects and household goods used by him abroad for at least six (6) months and the dutiable value of which is not more than Ten Thousand Pesos (10,000) are exempt from duties and taxes. Any amount in excess of P10,000 is subject to 50% duty to the first P10,000 exemption across the board as provided for under Section 105 (F) of the TCCP.

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Returning Filipinos, known as Balikbayan, (those who have stayed abroad for more than a year), may in addition bring in duty-free used electric or electronic appliances, one of each kind.

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Foreigners shipping goods to the Philippines

Some foreigners moving to the Philippines with their Household Goods are entitled to full exemption of tax and duties, but only IF they have a Visas that allows this, such as:

Permanent Residence Visa 13 series
Working Visa (9G)
Treaty Traders Visa (9D/47E2)
Special Non-immigrant Visa (47A2)
B.O.I. Visa (E.O 226)
Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA) Visa

Those without the Tax and Duty exemption are subject to varying rates of duty plus 12% tax in appropriate cases.

The rate of import duty varies depending on the commodity imported, ranging from 3 to 50%. The schedule of rates is listed under Section 104, Tariff and Customs Code of the Philippines (TCCP)

1 : 568 : 3,459,780

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