Barangay Balibago Map from Google

Map of Balibago area on Google

I’ve put this map here, as I was surprised at the actual location of Balibago.

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I’ve seen most establishments on Fields as being in Balibago, but this map seems to exclude Fields Avenue from that Barangay.

Balibago Area map according to Google

The Angeles City Government website on Balibago quotes: “Many subdivisions where developed, chief among which are Mt. View, Don Pepe, New and Old Balibago, Severina-Diamond, R and H, Sta. Maria Village 1 and 2, and Manuela Compound.”

Note that the Government places Sta. Maria Village 1 and 2 in Balibago, however, Google places Santa Maria Village II in Malabanis aka Malabanias:
Santa Maria Village II Map according to Google

10 : 972 : 2,199,412

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