Cost to Remove Name from Immigration Blacklist

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How Much does it cost to be removed from Immigration Blacklist?

There are fees that you have to pay to the Bureau of Immigration when you file your Request or Petition. Of course, you have to pay the minimal filing fees.

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If your request is granted, you will also pay a lifting penalty of Php55,000. You can see this in the Lifting Order issued by the Bureau of Immigration.

You also have to pay the unpaid overstaying fees, if any, plus penalties when you have been blacklisted for overstaying.

You have to settle all these fees as soon as possible, otherwise, the Lifting Order will not be implemented and your Blacklist Order will remain in the immigration database.

The above information is sourced from a Philippines Immigration Lawyer that has been recommended on this site.

Source: Guzman Acain -Philippine Law Firm > How to lift your name in the Philippine immigration blacklist?

From what I have seen, some people have difficulties in clearing their names from a blacklist, as they often do not know the procedures.
A Philippines Immigration Lawyer should have the experience required to get this dealt with faster, whenever possible.

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i would like to know how much cost for blacklisted

Requested letter

my fiance want to marry this yr but the problem is he is blocklisted her in pH he have case overstay 7 yrs and 7 months ,how to remove his name in a blocklist

I have a fiance, he is british nationality. He went to Philipines, but she was stopped by customs officer in the manila airport. He has to come back in london and him name was in black list.
Can I ask you when will he can remove him name from black list? how can he do it? How much?
He went over in Philippines last november 2017 until september 2018, he dont know not payed her monthly extension stayed in Philippines ,he scammed of her not payed monthly extension, so what can I do ? What requirements need, how long can process


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