Horseradish in Filipino / Tagalog

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What is Horseradish in Tagalog?

I have heard the words Malunggay and Hilligaynon as being Filipino translations of Horseradish, but they may actually be for Horseradish Tree, not the root.

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This is a picture of Horseradish Root.

horseradish root

A Machine Translation (English-Filipino) says: Horseradish Roots = Malunggay Roots

Horseradish Sauce Heinz


An old rumour says that Horseradish sauce was made by horses trampling the radish root to a pulp.  Not sure if that were true then, but not now, that’s for sure.

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Any news from this query? Been dying to know what’s horseradish here in the Philippines, gonna make me some fire cider tonic


Malungay is aplenty in our place. The picture of leaves shown here is NOT that of Malungay.

It is the root of the malungay tree

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