Icarus Bar, Angeles City, Pampanga

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Icarus Bar

Teodoro St
Angeles City

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A large bar with two groups of dancers, one with full choreography.

Opening Hours

6:00 pm to 3:00 am


Drinks Prices

June 2014:
85php San Mig Light
150php Ladies Drink – Single.
300php Ladies Drink – Double (San Mig Light etc)

Other Prices:

Early Work Release: 2,300 pesos (June 2014)



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the owner of the bar is a piece of trash with no respect for women at all and is breaking loads of human rights laws which is now going to be made public. what gives the owner the right to stop the girls having and using their mobile phones for emergencies? how on earth is any family member going to contact any of the girls working in bar if their mother or father or child becomes seriously ill and gets rushed into hospital and about to die? what gives the owner the right to steal well over half the money every girl earns and then force the girls into paying for uniforms provided from the owner on top. shame i not met the piece of trash in person yet so i can knock him to the ground and teach him respect for women