Is 0977 Globe, Smart or Sun

Philippine Phone numbers beginning with 0977

The Philippine Mobile Phone or Cell Phone numbers beginning with 0977 are linked to the mobile phone service provided by: Globe (Next Mobile)

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I was talking to someone who had an 0977 number, (July 2014) and it is Globe operated, and apparently topped up by Globe load.


78 : 89,545 : 2,237,123

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19 thoughts on “Is 0977 Globe, Smart or Sun”

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    1. Some numbers, like 0977xxxxxx and 0956xxxxxx are not supported by BDO enrolment procedure. Which is a bug probably easy to solve. I informed their customer service 4 years ago but they don’t care. Possibly it’s not possible to reload but then they should explain why and so it’s a service failure from network provider.

  2. Agoda
  3. I also encountered the same problem, enrolling my 0977 globe number, is not accepted in BDO.
    Here is the message :

    “Mobile Number 09776402137 is not valid for the selected Mobile Network – Globe.”

    Any feedback on this?

  4. It is not possible to enroll a 0977 on BDO OneLine Banking. They say the number doesn’t match with operator (it is Globe, I am sure since I can reload by other ways and I have the SIM with Globe logo on it).

    Sometimes I think that all these IT operators, either Globe or BDO are really shabby. Both of them contacted on the subject said it does work, but it doesn’t. And on another side, to reload monthly on Globe for my Tatoo pocket is a real hell process. You have to do it through another Globe number (0906 for example) then transfer by steps of p150 because you cannot share a load over p150 with globe, WHY?!). But you are daily limited to 750 pesos share-a-load. So have to wait the following day to finish the sharing… Why!?

    Regarding BDO, they have for sure to implement something to help 0977 enrollment, but they ignored all my requests on this. All this mess is time wasting and costly also.

  5. Hello Jam. What exactly is wrong about that?

    0977 used to be a Next Mobile number, and is actually still listed on many websites as “Next Mobile”, but some other sites quote it as: 0997 – Globe or Touch Mobile.

    Having checked with actual users of 0977 mobile numbers, they use Globe to load their phones, so GLOBE does appear to be correct in actual usage terms,

    Some News on the old Next Mobile:

    2015: Next Mobile Inc (NMI) said Globe and Bayantel’s application should be “denied as it is a device or scheme to circumvent the rule of the bidding out radio frequencies.” – See more at:

    2014: NOW Telecom (formerly known as Next Mobile) revealed plans to spend US$28 million over two years to deploy mobile cell sites in metro Manila. – See more at:

    2012: Next Mobile preparing to regain foothold in PH telecom sector . – See more at:

  6. Agoda
  7. i am using a Globe SIM card, i am registered to a Globe Promo, i sent a text message to a 0977 number and it didnt charged me. so i guess this is a Globe prefix.

    1. am calling that number 09077 and was enrolled in globe unli call and text but why is it that i was being charge for that call?

  8. The following are listed as Defunct operators:

    Red Mobile
    Next Mobile

    Does anyone actually have a 0977 number now ?

  9. Agoda
  10. Thank you for this.

    Would you know how to load 0977? Is it through smart, sun or globe? Or there’s a next mobile loading center.

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