Is 0996 Globe, Smart or Sun

Philippine Phone numbers beginning with 0996

The Philippine Mobile Phone or Cell Phone numbers beginning with 0996 are linked to the mobile phone service provided by: Globe

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19 : 2,971 : 2,200,787

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One thought on “Is 0996 Globe, Smart or Sun”

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  2. thats a cherry mobile number powered by globe.but if your calling from globe to 0996 or tm to 0996 is not free theres an per minute charge, even ur registered in ang unli call to globe u can not make a call. except if your using an Tm and have i regiter to AN 20 unli to all network it may do, that thing called panloloko sa tao, power by globe pero my charge aand call lalo n pag naka line k pag prepaid naman ubos load mo

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