Junald S. Dionaldo Law Office And Notary Public, Angeles City, Pampanga

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Attorney Junald S. Dionaldo Law Office And Notary Public

Unit 1, 2nd Floor, 4384 Mendoza Building.,
McArthur Highway
Angeles City
Pampanga, 2009

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Tel: 045 598 0162
Mob: 0936 420 1358


Opening hours: Monday-Friday (8am-5pm)

Lawyers office

1 : 1,130 : 3,450,292

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I am a permanent resident forigner residing in Malibanias, Angeles City. I am interested in seeking the representation of a criminal defense attorney who also has experience in Civil litigation (defamantiom/slander/invasion of privacy etc). A bargirl made false allegations against me in Barangay blotters (Bilibagio/Malibanias), in addition the bargirl also submitted photographic evidence alledgedly taken in my residence of drug paraphanalia, and submitted to a hospital medical exam. I was never served with nor charged with a crime, from my understanding the matter was dropped at the Barangay level for lack of evidence and inconsistancies. I have been able to obtain a copy of the Malibanias blotter report, but not the Bilibagio. From my understanding it was an attempt to extort money from the girls in conjunction with Bilibagio. I would like to take the initiative of filing a counter Civil Case for defamation/slander as well as explore possible criminal case filing for the extortion attempt, the filing of false allegations etc
The allegations against me in the Barangay blotter, which from my understanding were too inconsisrant to pursue are: that the bargirl was injected with drugs and raped. The day prior to the bargirl filing they attenpted to extort money from me via complaining of variois physical ailments. The evening of the blotter filing Bilibagio moved to question me at 3am at my residence (further extortion attempt?), my Barangay Malibanias prevented it by pre-warning me to ignore their forthcoing knock on door.
Bradley Smith

Office Telephone Number: (045)322-7677

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