Jul 11 2013

La Germania Table Oven Model: SL 120 10W

The La Germania Oven Model: SL 120 10W is a small sized thermostat controlled, Gas oven with two top Gas Burners using an Automatic Piezo Ignition.

The Oven capacity is 49 liters,a nd ikt comes with an Oven Tray and a Porcelain Enamelled Body.

Dimensions:: 39.5cm x 42cm x 33cm

Color: White

Price: about 12,000 pesos (July 2013)

La Germania Table Oven SL 120 10W

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    • Cristy Hofer on October 31, 2016 at 3:13 am
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    I have a table top la Germania oven but it needs to be lighted with a match- which I’m scared to do. Can I have a piezo igniter attached to the oven so I don’t have to use a match but just turn on a switch to use the oven?

    HELP I want to sell goodies for Christmas and need to start baking soon.

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