Lot 8 Condominium, Mabolo, Cebu

Lot 8 Condominium

P. Almendras Street
Cebu City

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Lot 8 Condominium is a 15 storey Residential Condominium Complex located near Ayala, SM and I.T. Park in Cebu City.

It has 5 floor parking areas and an Infinity pool on the 3rd floor.

Type B1 are 2 BR with Floor area: 48.4 sq.m
Type C are 1 BR with Floor area: 24.94 sq.m
Type S are Studio with Floor area: 18.77 sq.m (Seen for 20,000 pesos per month, fully furnished, in May 2015)

1 : 170 : 2,205,236

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