Philippines visa Extensions during COVID-19

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Philippine Visas may not need renewing until after the COVID-19 emergency is over.

Philippine Immigration Advisory to the Public

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All aliens whose visa will expire during the duration of the Enhanced Community Quarantine shall be allowed to file their application within thirty (30) days from the lifting of the Enhanced Community Quarantine.

Philippines Visa Extensions during COVID-19

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Good day ,
I have been in the Philippines from June/2019 and I intend to return home as I thought I could wait out the pandemic. What would be an estimated cost for visa/fine/ecc ?
Also what actions would be taken against me.

Good morning! I’ve been here in the Philippines since December 9, 2019 and was only supposed to be here as planned until June 2020, but due to what we got into and still in (COVID-19), my flight back home to the United States got rescheduled twice already and the 3rd one is tentatively scheduled for February 28, 2021. what do I need to do to extend my stay here until my flight back home w/o getting in trouble? I’m currently and will be here in Tarlac until then. Thank you and hope to hear back from you soon so I can take care of things that I needed to in regards to this matter. Have a great (CoViD free) day!

Hi,Im Karl Magne Johnsen,from Norway,and i have been here in Balao,Barili, seens 11.january,and i have my wisa in 6 mounts,and its expire at 10.september.I have tryed to get flights to Norway,before my wisa expire, but all flights is cancel.Is imigration office open in cebu in september? can i waith until this covid 19 is over,before i go and get new wisa? I dont knowe when i get flight to Norway,its coz of this corona. I have my wife and our son,7 mounths also here in Balao.

Regards karl magne Johnsen.

Hello. My visa ran out during quarantine. I want to extend it but am in Oroquieta, Mindanao and no flights are going from Ozamis to either Cebu or Manila. I understand also no boats are going.I also need to renew my ACR card. How can I when I cannot get there? I want to extend for 6 months. I have already been in Philippines over 2 years. Thank you.
Barbara Wilkinson

Can i receive my visa extension at this time thank you

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