Popular New Cars in the Philippines 2013

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Most Popular New Cars in the Philippines

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In July 2013, there were just over 18,000 new vehicle registrations, based on the top 20 brands that provide sales numbers in the Philippines.

In the first half of 2013 there were about 120,000 new vehicle registrations, an average of  just over 17,000 per month.

Total sales for the seven months to July 2013 show the following sales figures, for vehicle sales that exceed 100 units per month on average:


Total Sales  Brand  Average per Month 
40,802 Toyota         5,829
24,929 Mitsubishi         3,561
12,836 Hyundai         1,834
8,600 Honda         1,229
7,534 Ford         1,076
6,851 Isuzu            979
4,783 Nissan (UMC + NMPI)            683
3,470 Kia            496
2,908 Suzuki            415
2,775 Chevrolet            396
1,707 Subaru            244
1,192 Mazda            170

Special Note:

Nissan, who sold an average of 683 vehicles per month during 2013, are very far behind their 1995 and 1996 annual sales which averaged about 1,580 per month.

But now… Various websites are stating that the Nissan Motor Company is returning to the Philippines and will retake control of Nissan operations in this country.

1 : 91 : 3,474,975

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