PowerSurf or SuperSurf for Globe Subscribers

Deciding which option to use when you need mobile internet access may be easy to some, but confusing for others.

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I hope this helps:

With the Philippines Globe Mobile Internet service, you have these two most popular options:

PowerSurf or SuperSurf 

PowerSurf for Globe Prepaid Subscribers

P15  20MB 1 Day
P30  50MB 1 Day
P50 100MB 3 Days
P99 50MB 30 Days
P299 300MB 30 Days
P499 1GB 30 Days

SuperSurf for Globe Prepaid Subscribers

1 day 800MB P50
5 day 800MB per 24 hour period P200
30 day 800MB per 24 hour period P999


The MB Volume quoted on the SuperSurf plans of 800 MB per 24 hours, is the actual limit that is imposed under the Globe Fair Use Policy. The figure of 800MB is not quoted, but has been activated 5 times on my own account, specifying that I exceeded the Fair use Policy by exceeding 800MB in under 24 hours.

My account was then frozen until the next 24 hour period began.

The Acceptable Terms Fair Use Policy of Globe is aligned with the global industry practice of telecommunications providers all over the world.

If you do not use file sharing software or download large files from the internet, it is unlikely that you will ever be affected by this policy.

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