President of the Philippines: Rodrigo Duterte

President of the Philippines: Rodrigo Duterte

Rodrigo “Rody” Roa Duterte (born March 28, 1945), also known as Digong, assumed office as the President of the Philippines on June 30, 2016

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He won office with 39.01% of all votes cast.

Duterte’s main policy was seen as the eradication of drug crime, and called for the re-imposition of capital punishment for crimes including drug trades.

Duterte ordered security forces to shoot-to-kill suspects.

Duterte called for Filipino citizens to kill anyone suspected of drug pushers and addicts, with the words “If you know of any addicts, go ahead and kill them yourself”

Duterte authorised communist rebels to use their ‘kangaroo courts’ to convict and execute drug traffickers.

Duterte has himself previously confirmed running death squads to execute suspected criminals in Davoa. He has has also subsequently denied this.

Many Filipinos agree with these actions, but those with innocent family members murdered by unknown killers are not happy with these unregulated killings.

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  2. A psychological report on Rodrigo Duterte was commissioned by Dr Natividad Dayan during the annulment of his marriage to ex-wife Elizabeth Zimmerman in July 1998, when Mr Duterte was mayor of Davao City.

    The assessment found Mr Duterte suffered from “antisocial narcissistic personality disorder”, a pattern of abnormal behaviour characterised by “gross indifference, insensitivity and self-centeredness” and “grandiose sense of self-entitlement and manipulative behaviours”.

    The politician was described as having a “pervasive tendency to demean, humiliate others and violate their rights and feelings”, and was “unable to reflect on the consequences of his actions.”

    He was found to readily engage in “unhealthy and destructive behaviours” and had “poor capacity for objective judgement”, failing to “see things in the light of facts”.

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