Removing Name from Immigration Blacklist

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Prescribed Periods For Lifting Of Entries From The Blacklist

The Philippine Immigration Department has a ruling on the amount of time before an Immigration Blacklisted person can be removed from the blacklist.

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This is often either 3 or 6 months after being blacklisted, but can be as high as 10 years.

Ruling no: SBM-2014-01 4th February 2014 – Prescribed Periods For Lifting Of Entries From The Blacklist

The full ruling can be seen at:

Three (3) months

Three (3) months from date of actual implementation of the exclusion order for foreign nationals who were excluded under the following grounds:

1. Public charge
2. Incompetent
3. Member of a family accompanying an excluded alien and companions thereof
4. Children below 15 years old unaccompanied by parents
5. Stowaways
6. Improperly documented

Six (6) months

Six (6) months from date of actual implementation of the exclusion order or inclusion for foreign nationals who were included in the Blacklist under the following grounds:

1. Deported by virtue of a Voluntary Deportation Order
2. Overstaying for less than one year

Six (6) months after being cured of the condition or illness for foreign nationals who were excluded under the following grounds:

1. Insane
2. Afflicted with loathsome or dangerous and contagious disease

Twelve (12) months

Twelve (12) months from date of actual exclusion or implementation of deportation order for foreign nationals who were excluded/deported under the following grounds:

1. Prostitutes of procurers of person who came for any immoral purpose
2. Person who practice polygamy or who believe in or advocate the practice of polygamy
3. Paupers, vagrant and beggars
4. Unskilled manual laborers
5. Indigent
6. Those who entered the country through misrepresentation
7. Those who entered the country without inspection and admission
8. Those who are drunk and disorderly at the port of entry
9. Those who refuse to comply with inspection procedures
10. Those who display unruly behavior or discourtesy to immigration official
11. Illegal entrants
12. In violation of the condition of limitation of stay
13. Overstaying for more than one year
14. Cancelled visa
15. Undocumented
16. Improperly documented

Five (5) years

Five (5) years from date of actual implementation of deportation order for foreign nationals who were deported under the following grounds:

1. Engaging in profiteering hoarding, or black-marketing
2. Defrauding of creditors
3. Undesirability

Ten (10) years

Ten (10) years from date of actual exclusion or implementation of deportation order for foreign nationals who were deported under the following grounds:

1. Conviction for a crime involving moral turpitude  What is Moral Turpitude?
2. Conviction for a crime under Section 45 and 46 of the PIA, Alien Registration Act or the Naturalization Law.


Foreign nationals who were excluded/deported under the following grounds shall not be qualified for lifting of entries from the blacklist
unless otherwise ordered by the Secretary of Justice for lifting.

1. Involvement in subversive activities
2. Conviction for a crime involving prohibited drugs
3. Registered sex offender

How to remove name from Blacklist

All Requests for lifting of entries from the Blacklist shall be addressed to the Commissioner and filed at the Main Office, stating therein the nature of the request with attached duly authenticated/certified true copies of documents to prove that the ground for inclusion in the Blacklist no longer exists.
Requests filed within the periods prescribed herein do not however guarantee its approval.
Conversely, filing of requests outside the prescribed periods may automatically cause its disapproval unless the said request is meritorious as to constitute a waiver of the periods herein prescribed.

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Hi my livein partner is blacklisted he go back to korea by deportation Sept 2, 2009, im now waiting for the copy of his CTC of BLO, after i request a lifting and Pay fees is there a penalty fee and the lifting will be granted?

I need remove my name from balclist

I paid my fine, and the overstay penalty, how long will I have to wait now, for the final removal from the blacklist???

I am Indian, Want to remove my name in the blacklist of Philippines record.
They deport me from the airport.
Can you help me over this?
If yes, then Please share details your requirement list and what you want from my side including cost and time duration of whole process.

Is this thread still alive? Hi i am blacklisted too in philippines because of overstay. 2016 december i filed for indegency and with the help of U.S embassy letter they let me out on PH. But i have to pay 50.000 php for me to remove, but this time i wasn’t planning to stay on philippines im going to different country only for layover flight and wasn’t planning to get out on airport. Am i going to be in trouble?


How do I know if I am on the black list? I had a visa issue once.

How do you know if you are on the blacklist? The embassy made a mistake regarding my visa. I had a dispute with one of the officers at the airport.

Let me know my fiancy he wants to back in Philippines but he is blacklisted how I can pay his or what I need to do

You need to go to the Philippine immigration office in Manila, and pay all the fees, and the overstay penalty, And then just wait!!!

Hello , my husband was blacklisted due to overstaying in Philippines but in 2016 he was granted to be refugee . So the blacklist shouldve been removed since then . But now that he need to exit the country immigration still have his name in the blacklist which is there error .
We sent a letter to commisioner attaching proof of documents .may i ask if anyone know how long can we hear from them?

Hello there. My name’s Georgian Adrian Taranu,and i’ve been blacklisted due to not paying my visa. Thereof,i’ve been granted to leave on Indigency. I have the letter and i have to pay 50.000 PHP waiver of removal fee and 5.000 PHP to be transcripted to the Trust Fund. I just want to know if there is anything else to pay besides this amount and when i endorse someone to go in my behalf as by now,I am in the UK and I can endorse someone from my wife’s family to go and pay for me and if there will be any other charges besides the amount mentioned above. As well the letter request that i have to make,do i need to post it to the Philippines or i can email it to my relative and he can go with it at the immigration. Thanks in advance. Looking further to hear from you. 

Hello have u been blacklisted in the Philippines?
Is yes .how long did u know the decision from immigration from the time u wrote a letter to the commisioner?


How do you find out if your name is still on the blacklist?

Can you get blacklisted in the Philippines when you are unable to pay excess baggage fee?

The problem with that is that those are just clothes (casual and work), shoes (casual and work) and her make up. And she was informed by the immigration officer that she will be deported and blacklisted in the Philippines due to excess baggage. She can pay the fee but it will take 4 days before she can pay it. And I think immigration cant wait that long.

How to get rid of the blacklisted in the Philippine Immigration?
My boyfriend is a Chinese national and he work here before in the Philippines and returned in his country year 2019. And was returned in the Philippines last March 24, 2019 due to my pregnancy. However on that day he got stuck in the immigration department in the airport due to not have a hotel accommodation and since he doesn’t speak English, he tried to negotiate with the immigration staff using a translator but seems got into misunderstanding and put him in the blacklist. Last January 2020, I went to the Philippine immigration to ask how to lift his name. The staff told me that he need to get a SPA in the Philippine Embassy in his country. Is a SPA is what they called a special power of attorney? And where would he get a SPA, Because he called in the Philippines embassy about getting a SPA but they told him they can’t helped him with that and appointed to ask help in their local embassy and also he called and told him the same way and keeps appointed him back to the Philippine Embassy repeatedly. We just wanted to be together with our one year old child whom he haven’t seen or touched in personal. We badly need help and guidance. Hope to hear from you soon.

I have the same case, may i know if there’s already some progress in your case. Thank you

I am a registered sex offender, it has been 21 years and I have not gotten into any trouble. I have met a wonderful in the Philippines, what arey chances of remove my name from the blacklist

How to get rid of the blacklisted in the Philippine Immigration?
My fiancé is a Chinese national and he work here before in the Philippines without a proper visa he is just a tourist before. The fact that it was his first time travelling abroad, the reason why he overstayed in the country is that he took the advantage to work in the country as utility staff/worker in a hydroelectric power plant at Ilocos Norte. Knowing that he only should have stayed here in the country as a tourist instead, he violated the law. Apparently, we met here in Ilocos Norte since April 2019 and we fell in love with each other and we are expecting a baby soon, he just sent back to China last June 2019 and he returned again here and we intend to married here but the immigration in Manila sent him back to his country. What are we going to do to make clear his name on the blacklist? Is he going to jail if he violate the rules in philippines?

May i know if there has been a progress in your case?

Can a USA foreigner who has been recently blacklisted (Sept. 2019) in the Philippines, still possible sponsor immigrant visa for a Filipina spouse from the Philippines?? The blacklist was not for overstay, but I am assuming, persona non grata?

My passport was lost while staying in the Philippines which forced overstay for a period of 8 months, I was granted indigency and was given a further 8 weeks to leave the country,, I flew back to Australia within a week of the indigency being approved by voluntary deportation, an amount of 55,000 php is to be paid and all overstay prior to me ever being able to go back to the Philippines but the length of blacklisting I’m not sure of and was never told how much the overstay itself was,, I am also unsure of when the period of blacklisting started as I was ordered to leave the country by the end of July 2019 but I flew out the end of may ,,


So you’re mental also … 8 months change your story you sound guilty

I lost my passport so I stayed 8 months with no ID and then I thought wow im here with no ID maybe I should go home. …no. I cannot i must stay until god drops me a new US passport

Seriously not one person in history would read that and say oh ok that makes sense tell them you ate it is about the same thing duh

How do you prove that you’re not a public charge? My bf was blacklisted. The paper says he was pursuant to section 29(a)5 of the Commonweath Act no. 613; “persons like to become, public charge”

Based on your article, he can be removed in 3 months but documents are required to prove that the ground for this “public charge” no longer exists. May I know what documents are needed to prove this?

Thanks for your help!


I am indian citizen on 18 sept 2019 came to singapore as i have singapore multiple entry visa, i went singapore to manila on 20th sept and they did not gave me on arrival visa , i was having my return ticket to singapore, hotel booking and all but they depot me to singapore and black listed me for 29(A)5. Please help me how i can remove this black list?


How much is fees to remove my bf from blacklist? He overstay for 18 months, blacklist six months. He can do this in Philippine embassy outside the country?


I am indian citizen on 22nd sept 2019 came to singapore as i have singapore multiple entry visa, i went singapore to manila on 24th sept and they did not gave me on arrival visa , i was having my return ticket to singapore, hotel booking and all but they depot me to singapore and black listed me for 29(A)5. Please help me how i can remove this black list?

How to remove the block list of my bf 10yrs ago now ..please help us

How to prove that the ground for inclusion in the Blacklist no longer exists?

Thank you very much for your reply. My question is more of technical nature, for example,
1st if a criminal case was filed against me, but it was dismissed after my deportation,
2nd if I was overstaying for two years
3rd if I was victim of fraud and lost my wealth and was overstaying for more than three years,
how to prove that the ground for inclusion in the Blacklist no longer exists?

Is this law implemented only in the Philippines or this is mandatory to every country? Please help me.

. No you’re very wrong. The Philippines is the “ONLY” nation in the world that has a blacklist for the list of stuff above. No other nation in the world will ban somebody for life unless they write a letter or hire an attorney simply for overstaying a few days etc. Look it up on google and you’ll see.

Not true

What happened to me was someone sent fake documents to the Manila airrpot claiming i was a Sex- -offender- i was sent back to Canada in 2015 and I went to the Ebasy for PPI here and was told “Your all clear n nothing wrong” however i still had issue at Manila.. then in 2016 I got sent back and was told i cant come Back. I submitted all background checks with fingerprints and red ribbon etc..

Form what I learned 1,000.000 Passo later

You will not get off any list.

You will not get your case heard since they are exrremly busy and your not a good person so why should they bother.

What I find sad is that I do have all the documents and sent them and was told no.. so they have no system. And to me that makes following any rules hard for us..

We dont know we are on a list..
We have no way to talk or get info at the airport.
The issue now is i had a child in Manila and its sad to me that the child will not see its father anyttime soon… im just trying to wait and not piss anyone off at the BI office.,,

It would be my hope so0mone form BI reads this and thinks about making a system.. like a court hearing.. and a 60 day wait for court.. just to make things simple

We dont want to bother you.. but now a baby is alone… and that’s also not fair..



My name is morris frank gray , i was black list ai the airport of Philippines immigration on April 8 2018

Posible im blacklisted


How to.clear blacklist

I’m blacklisted because I don’t have proper documents, so it’s only 3 months, it’s already more than five months but still my name is in the blacklist. Because of that they send me back again


How I can remove my name form blacklist???

I can help

How can you help for removal of blacklist due to overstay?

I over stay in phillpines 10 years ago i over stay for 8 months do you think ism still on black list

I overstay in phillpines 8 months 10 years ago i have 10 year old son there in phillpines he is born there how do it get my name off black list i miss my son

Hi how can one get off the blacklist for insufficient documents and been deported at the port of entry

Can you still help?

I’m want to black Philippino immigration….but i don’t know.

Hello What is the procedure to having name removed from Philippine BLACK LIST and what document are required??sec 29(5)a

Did you manage to get off the blacklist after your post

Hi my name is siaw Joseph boateng i was in Philippines 20th feb 2017 and at arrival ‘i was told to wait! Without any explanation n wait until tell nextday n i was deported back to Korea, n i was blacklist ! N actually i used to go there n return on the next day back to Korea for extention of my vissa that is all sometimes i that’s n just now i wsa black list without any issues without explanation! !!, i am asking wat should I do to get my name being released from it?

Hire Alex Acain hes the only lawyer who’ know how .. he did mine

I contacted this lawyer, he’s so expensive, for no guarantee, of the blacklist being removed, he wants to charge me $175,000 pesos, and then negotiate a bribe, with no guarantees that the bribe will be accepted or he’s able to remove me!!!

I had a complex blacklisting from USA and we hired 3 lawyers …..BAD IDEA.. the only one who did all the most perfect steps was Alex Acain. His office did not do what they others did. His plan works and it’s
exactly the only way to do it.. it cost me to get him to work on my case but the other 3 lawyers wrote letters and did not get anywhere.

He is worth it and do not wait start now

How much you spend when he fix lift your blocklist order??

I think this lawyer is going to charge you the same because I contacted him 175,000 pesos, plus no negotiating the bribe!!!


Dear Sir’s, one of my german Clients was told he is on the Blacklist, but he do’nt- know why and how long. When he wanted to enter in Cebu-City, he was send back in Cebu-City on 14. of September to Germany without any explanation. He is the owner of a house and has a family in Moalboal.
Atty. Ouano from Cebu City was instructed to clarify the file, but till now he do’nt got an answer.
Can you tell me, who can give an qualified answer? I am in Cebu- City from 08. of November till 6. of December and want to speak an Officer of Immigration.
Yours sincerely
Atty. Dr. Thea Renate Eis

Go the the Bureau of Immigration.
It’s in the JCentre, A.S. Fortuna, Cebu, 2nd floor.

I am been blacklisted by Philippines on Feb 2013 due to overstay. So when i can enter again Philippines than?

Hello I want to know if there is a fee to pay to lift your name on Philippines immigration blacklist ? If yes how much for different cases

How does one go about having name removed from Philippine BLACK LIST and is there a fee and what document are required??

What is the procedure to having name removed from Philippine BLACK LIST and what document are required??


If you can’t find someone to file your black list removal you might have to find and research a legal attorney/lawyer who specializes in lifting legal

First step get someone you trust to file the your lifting of the black list of immigration for you. This could be a close friend who is honest. (like I did) 🙂 Or you can use immigration based lawyer they are expensive to use. They will contact the bureau of immigration on your behalf and help you file your legal documents.
It is a large legal process, first off get the overstay payed off, then the next step is….GET SOMEONE to file it in your place. You must contact a Philippine’s Embassy in your home country or surrounding country. The reason I say this is if you submit photo copies of passport, State I.D., Driver’s license, Special Power of Attorney, and Authorization. When you file these legal documents: you must have them authenticate the documents for you in person, or you can do so by mail.

If done by mail: contact a notary republic, have them sign your and verify documents. Then the documents must be sent to the department of state. After that has been done you can send them to the Philippines embassy for authentication. Doing this by mail requires a lot of patience but, this is for the United States born nationals, it might differ for other foreign nationals who wish to be lifted off the black list.

Always check the laws of the country it is better to fly out of the country before they put you in a legal bind. I hope this information helped you out very much. I think they are hording information to force you to consult legal attorneys within in the Philippines instead of using cheaper routes.

Hi Jarell,

How long did the process take? (From the submission of request – to – Lift off the blacklist)

2 years but I learned after 2 Lawyers did all things wrong. If you apply you do not get a hearing so you wait then you wait and then wait so you change lawyers and wait then wait oh and pay then pay

Its simple the only way is get Alex Acain in Manila he did my case and its a complex mess but tyhe difference was he is the only one who can and not unfairly he knows his LAWS so I was reading his words and it all made sense.. do not ask anyone else how pay him is 3k and get it done… i spent 3k on two others and got a reciept and for any Americans he is honest and hard working but most important he flat out knows how..

How long the lifting process when you get the service of Mr.Acain?. And how much you spend to with him(, Mr Acain)..?. Please answer. Do you have an email too so we can talk privately.. Please

I saw his article on Google or search him on google is quite known in this cases.

I do not remember ask him to tell you … it took 1 year

I contacted that lawyer, he’s charging me $175,000 pesos, plus the bride, how much of a bride did you pay, it hasn’t been discussed yet, just want an idea, if you could tell me that would be great, And how long total did you have to wait for the removal???

₱175,000 is too much, it’s only ₱115,000 and wait 30 days to 45 days for the removal of the name to be done.

Message me on facebook @zhangzyx if you’re interested.

It’s… not a bribe.. duh.. its laws… and im from US posted above i had a case went to Supreme Court Alex did all my work perfect .i do not recall what i paid maybe 200-400 he can tell you or ask him i do not mind.. mine was complex. All cases are not the same i was fighting the US not the Manila however they work close together Alex is the only one who gets it done period and im not going to tell you that if you think you can do it alone try…, you cant .. you can hire any lawyer they get you no place… ask alex to send you my case if he will i do not mind Captain

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