St. Paul American School , Angeles City, Pampanga

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St. Paul American School

Jose Abad Santos Ave
Berthaphil Clark Center
Clark Freeport
Angeles City

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Telephone: 045 499 1373


Even though Saint Paul is an American school, it is an international environment with students from more than 15 countries being a part of the community.

Our students have learned to cooperate and interact with those from different cultures, and we have a very healthy school environment in which young people from all backgrounds are welcome and accepted.

Our students use English as the common language and non-native English speakers are not permitted to use another language in the classroom. This creates unity and helps our students overcome communication challenges. With learning as the top priority of our organization, the cultural differences disappear and everyone is focused on a common goal. Students have a unique opportunity to make international friendships at a very young age.

1 : 271 : 2,837,595

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