Electricity Costs in Angeles City

Electricity Costs in Angeles City

When renting long term in the Philippines, it is common for the renter to pay for the Electricity, and this cost can often be expensive.

Having rented in Manila, Puerto Galera and a few other places, I was pleasantly surprised at the electric cost in Angeles City.

March 2014: 28 Days came to 1,084 pesos.

This was 130 kWh at 8.34 peso per kWh. We don’t use the Air Con though, but we do have three PC’s / laptops in use a lot. Gas is used for cooking, so just the Fridge, Rice Cooker and Kettle in the kitchen. The shower has an instant hot water heater.  One TV and cable, with cable internet in the living room.

Most other places have been up to about 5,000 pesos per month

UPDATE 2015:

Five Months Electricity Bills


This one had a limited use of Air Conditioning, in a 1 bedroom condo, all electric, no gas. and Included water heaters in bathroom and kitchen to all taps, not just the shower.

One month, with no air con and the cost for the month was only 2,656 pesos, but we also turned the water heaters down from two switches on, to just one on for each heater. It seems we were heating the water too much and needing to add cold to cool it down a bit. Now we need less cold water added, and save money on over heating the water.