Sea Residences at Mall of Asia, Manila

Sea Residences Pasay City or Paranaque City, Metro Manila

The Sea Residences, situated near the Mall of Asia, Manila, are often stated to be in Pasay City or Paranaque City or even Baclaran.

If Baclaran confuses anyone, it is the name of a barangay in the north of the City of Paranaque.
However, it is also said to be in the South of Pasay City by some.

Not sure how accurate Google is, but a Google map puts the Mall of Asia purely in Pasay City. See the red border line in this map:
Pasay and Paranaque City Border
This map also places the Sea Residences in Pasay City.

However it also shows that the Mall of Asia is NOT in Barangay Baclaran, and nor are the Sea Residences.

These links to the various operators of the Residential Units at Sea Residences at Mall of Asia being rented out for daily or weekly rentals etc, all show a combination of at least two of those Cities or Municipalities

Sea Residences by Redbloom Hotels, Pasay City Philippines
Homeland Suite at Sea Residences, Baclaran, Paranaque City, Philippines
Homeland Suite Sea Residences, Pasay City, Philippines
Varied Apartments at Sea Residences, Baclaran, Paranaque City, Philippines
The Concierge at Sea Residences, Baclaran, Paranaque City, Philippines
IECASA at Sea Residences Serviced Apartments, Baclaran, Paranaque City, Philippines
Sea Residences Moa Manila, Baclaran, Paranaque City, Philippines
Sea Residences Condominium, Baclaran, Paranaque City, Philippines

Pasay City unfortunately has their Barangays listed as only numbers 1 to 201 on the website. However, Baclaran is listed on the official government statistics as a Barangay in Paranaque City. (2010 population 21,332)

So, Baclaran is in Paranaque City.

Still confusion over the Sea Residences though.

Especially as a utility bill that I saw has the Sea Residences listed as being in Barangay 76, Zone 10, Pasay City.


Homebound at Sea Residences, Mall of Asia Complex, Manila Bay

Homebound at Sea Residences

Sunrise Drive
Between Pea Road 1 and Diosdado Macapagal Blvd
Near Mall of Asia
Pasay City


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The Sea Residences is a number of Residential Condo style blocks, mainly sold as private residences.  Many of these are then rented out in a daily basis. Homebound at Sea Residences appears to coordinate these rentals for a number of owners.

It is a very easy location for walking to the Mall of Asia, or a 70 pesos taxi ride.

Each unit being rented may be different to another, as they may have different owners with different furnishing styles. Some have a small balcony and some don’t. Some overlook the swimming pools, others do not.

The basic unit is very small by western standards. About 24 sq metres.  8 metres long by 3 metres wide.

There is a kitchenette as you enter the room, with a bathroom opposite. Then a seating area with a TV on the opposite wall. After this there is a small bedroom area.

The two that I have stayed in both had Electric stove top, Electric kettle and Microwave, with full set of cooking implements and cutlery, plates, etc