Buying Computers in Puerto Galera

I have learned something recently, and that is to be very careful when buying anything technical in Puerto Galera.

The prices are sky high when compared to buying in Luzon mainland.

I was quoted Php 550 for a Wireless USB Network Adapter.

On the mainland I can get a Wireless-N USB Network Adapter (150mbps) for just Php 280, with the cheaper ones at Php150.

I bought a WiFi router for Php 1,900

Tenda 150Mbps Model W316R – Price on mainland: Php 1,100 + 170 delivery = Php 1,270 delivered

I bought a Rise-Up UPS for 2,350 pesos.

Rise-Up Model XU-800VA 500 Watts – Price on mainland: Php 1,330 +  250 delivery = Php 1,580 delivered

This purchase was a total stuff up though.  The price seemed OK for what I asked for.

I was quoted Php 1,690 for the 600w UPS and Php 2,350 for the 800 watt UPS.  I ordered the larger one, the 800 watt unit.

I was given a 500 watt UPS !!!  Either the supplier conned me, or he does not know the difference between VA and Watts.  His business is computer technician, NOT retail, so I expected him to supply what I asked for.  When I asked for it to be changed over to the right unit, I got no more contact from him.


These people give the Philippines a bad reputation to foreigners.  I do wonder if they do the same to locals ?