Globe Prepaid Load Expiry Dates

How long does your load last, when you top up your Prepaid Mobile Phone ?

According to, at July 2013 the validity periods for new Call Card Loads are:

P50 is valid for 15 days
P100 is valid for 30 days
P300 is valid for 75 days
P500 is valid for 120 days

What about loads that are transferred from others ? How long do they last ?

According to…/share-a-load, at July 2013 the validity periods for Prepaid Share Loads are:

P1 to P10 valid for 3 days.
P11 to P50 valid for 15 days.
P51 to P100 valid for 30 days.
P101 to P150 valid for 45 days.

Postpaid Share-A-Load senders can send give you these validity periods:
P300  valid for 75 days with 35 Free Texts
P500 valid for 120 days with 85 Free texts

Globe-LogoHow do you check your balance and the expiry date of it?

Send the message BAL to 222 and you will get a text back telling your balance and expiry date.

If the balance becomes ZERO, when does the SIM number become inactive?

Your Globe Prepaid sim will expire within 2 months from first use and any remaining/unconsumed balance will be forfeited. To continue availing of the Prepaid service, you need to reload your Prepaid account within 4 months from date of expiry. If you do not reload during the 4 month period from the date of expiry, your Globe Prepaid Sim card will be terminated. Terminated Globe Prepaid SIMS will not be reactivated, and mobile phone numbers assigned to such numbers cannot be reacquired.

How to share a load from one Globe mobile to another Globe mobile.

You need TWO pieces of information:

    1. How Much you are sharing
    2. The Receivers Phone number

Assume you are sending 50 pesos to 0915 123 4567

The process is simple, change the 0 at the beginning of the number to a 2

You now have:

Sending: 50
To: 29151234567

The number to send to is now: 29151234567
The message is 50