Valenzuela City Medium House prices 2015

Valenzuela City Medium House prices 2015

99 per cent of Valenzuela Cities ‘for-sale’ houses have asking prices of Php10 million and below, and from 102 listed properties the Median house price is shown to be Php2.44 million with the most expensive listing at the time of Php15 million

However, this only relates to properties that are actually listed for sale.

The number of number of households in the city was 106,382 and only 102 were listed for sale.  There may be many much cheaper that would never be listed for sale.

A quick Google search revealed this from one Real Estate Agent: We have 74 apartments for rent in Valenzuela from PHP3,500

Official figures show that Valenzuela City has a median floor area of 35.54 square meters for occupied dwellings. (half of the housing units had floor area of below 35.34 square meters, and half were larger).

Valenzuela is one of the twelve cities and five municipalities comprising the National Capital Region (NCR)

Houses shown on the website include this:  House