Tourist Visa Extension at Philippine Airports

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Can a Tourist Visa be Extended at a Philippine Airport?

Some Airports have the ability to extend a Tourist Visa beyond the initial Visa Free period of 30 days.

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Most foreign tourists will receive a 30 days Visa Free waiver on arrival at the immigration desk in ports and airports.

This can be extended during the first 30 days by another 29 days, and is normally done at one of the Bureau of Immigration offices around the country. It does have a cost of about 3,030 pesos.

Some people do get this 29 day extension at the airport immediately after they arrive. But many others say they have tried but have been unable to get it there.  Some get told that it cannot be done at the Airport.  Others say they have done it, and at a lower cost of nearer 2,800 pesos.

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