Unlichat 2353 Globe

What is UNLICHAT ?

Why do some people have complaints about it ?

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to: 2353

1 : 119 : 2,198,294

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3 thoughts on “Unlichat 2353 Globe”

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  2. i’ve using unli promos but my xtra loads were vanishing then this unlichat i’ve nver used is charging me,, i tried to off but it wont send because the extra load left were already taken,, now i still have my balance to pay accdg to this 2353 unlichat,, as far as i remember i nver registered into it,, isn’t it this’ stealing,,

  3. I was charged a lot of times not just today but my phone is just a basic phone!!Pls refund the money that u have deducted out of my load!!!!i need it asap!!!

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