Alien Certificate of Registration

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What is an Alien Certificate of Registration or ACR-I Card?

Alien Certificate of Registration ACR-I Card

The ACR-I card is a requirement for foreign nationals to hold after a certain period of time in the Philippines. It is also required by those foreign nationals to be able to leave the Philippines, together with an ECC (Exit/Emigration Clearance Certificate) [not instead of].

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The ACR-I card is issued at a Philippines Bureau of Immigration office.

The Tourist ACR-I card

The Tourist ACR-I card has a validity of ONE year, and must be renewed annually.

Originally, the ACR-I card had to be handed in at Immigration when leaving the Philippines. This has now changed, and you retain it now, and it is still valid if you come back before it expires.

Common categories of the ACR-I card would be the Permanent Resident, Tourist, Student and Voluntary.  (Full category list is shown at the bottom of this page.)

Application for an Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR)

Who can apply for an ACR-I card?

All foreign nationals who are visa holders of Temporary Visitor’s Visa or Tourist Visa who have stayed for more than fifty-nine (59) days in the Philippines, MUST apply for an ACR-I card.

The ACR I-Card application must be submitted together with the application for visa (Visa Extension).

Who MUST apply for an ACR-I card?

Who is required to apply for an ACR I-Card?

All foreign nationals under immigrant and non-immigrant visas including holders of Temporary Visitor’s Visa, who stayed for more than fifty nine (59) days in the Philippines are required to apply for an ACR-I Card at expiry of their first 59 days..

Some websites state: All foreigners who stay longer than 6 month in the Philippines on a Non Immigrant or Resident Visa, must have an ACR-I Card. 

Renewal of an Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR)

Who can apply to renew an ACR-I card?

All foreign nationals who are existing ACR I-card holders and whose basis of renewal is any of the following:

Expiration of the one (1) year validity of the card.
– Re-registration of alien upon reaching the age of 14;
– Change of visa status;
– Replacement of ACR as required under the Alien Registration Act of 1950, as amended.

How much does an ACR-I card cost?

USD 50.00 plus Php 500.00

Why is this price in US Dollars ?  No Idea !!!

What is an ACR-I card

ACR-I card FAQ

New ACR-I card Issue

New ACR-I card Issue

ACR-I card Renewal

ACR-I card Renewal

What are the Benefits of an ACR-I Card ?

I liked this one from the Dept of Immigration:

4: Achieves higher revenues for the Bureau and the national government through increase in number of aliens who will register and improved efficiency in collection of fees.

However, they are needed if a foreigner wants to open a bank account.

Some websites have stated that a Tourist cannot get an ACR card, eg:

ACR-I Tourist cannot get an ACR card
From an unnamed website for foreigners in the Philippines

However, they can…

ACR-I card Tourist

Categories of the ACR-i card

Categories of the Philippines ACR-I card

Colours of the Philippines ACR-I card
Colours of the Philippines ACR-I card

56 : 35,160 : 3,459,778

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I am a balakbyan visa holder which was issued upon arrivel last Feb17. My existing ACR card which was issued Feb 2022 during my visa extensions (due to covid travel restrictions), expired on the 23 March 2023. I am going abroad on september 30. Do I need to renew my ACR.

I am a ARC card holder going to take my vacation for 2 and a half weeks from USA. Do I still need to show my ACR card still? My ACR card does not expire until 2023. I have Permanent Resident visa.


hi, how to write a letter for cancellation of my ACR I-Card?

Thank you so much for your help. The problem is that my ICard is with the Immigration. That is now 6years ago and i dont now why this is now a problem.

What ACR category should I choose if I want to stay for 1 to 2 years permanently in the Philippines, and return to my country after?

Hi, my father was issued an ACR and ICR number but he was not issued an ACR I-card. How can he be issued one?



Can I get a ACR card on balikbayan visa before the 59 day tourist type off visa like a week after getting into Manila

Can ARC card can use as a savings, and will be like other atm card to use anywhere?

I have applied for a ACR I-card and it appears to have been approved. I was wondering what the initial E stands for in the last column. Some have A but mine shows E

How much is the total cost of renewal of student visa (9f)?

They gave me a hard time at the airport because my return flight to Canada was 3 months from departure date. The next time, by showing my little white tourist Alien registration card with my address in the Philippines, should that help in any way?

my friend is a indian national…he has no idea where he can get ACR here in porac,pampanga..please help us where we can get…

My husband is a foriegner he wants to open an account in the Philippines. Please help how & where to apply ACR card and immigrant certificate of registration?

My wife and I opened an account in HSBC, Cebu when visiting and staying in a hotel. No problems in doing so, just needed a passport. Things might have change since but might be worth a try.

my friends
Good Day
if you have Voluntary Card like red color is very easy to open account in land bank
bank working hour 100% sure sure sure .. i did it now i have bank account of
land bank ((((( must be Red ACR CARD)))
have a nice day

I have a ‘White Tourist SSRN ACR Card’ valid from March 2019 for one year which was accepted when I setup a new ‘Philippines Bank Deposit ATM Account’ two weeks ago. I am married to a Filipino but don’t know if that made a difference, they took a copy of our marriage certificate and my UK passport. A friend of mine who is not married and had just arrived in the Philippines a few weeks ago walked into a bank and opened an account with less than PHP 500, I had to deposit PHP 10,000. I don’t know how he managed it as he hasn’t been in the country long enough to get an ACR Card. Unlike me he is extremely wealthy although he told me he didn’t tell them and they didn’t ask. I have been out of the country and returned with no ACR Card problems, I believe I can leave and return as many times as I like without the card lapsing within the one year period. I now want to arrange ‘Philhealth’ for my wife and hopefully myself although I originally thought that wouldn’t be possible for me until I visited a ‘Philhealth’ site and they actually display a ‘White Tourist SSRN ACR Card’.

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