Bank Account in the Philippines for a Foreigner

How can a Foreigner get a Bank Account in the Philippines?

Some Philippine Banks do not open Bank Accounts for Tourist Visa holders, but some do.

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Requirements may be different at each bank, but all will need at least:

  • Two valid photo IDs (EG: Passport, Driver’s License, ACR-I card).
  • 2 copies of 2″x2″ Passport type Photo.
  • Proof of address in the Philippines. (EG: Condo Rent statement)
  • ACR I-Card.

Which Philippine Banks will open accounts for Tourist Visa Holders?

I can say that these TWO banks will, as I did open accounts with them while on a tourist Visa.

  • PSBank (This has more branches)
  • Allied Savings Bank

Other Banks that I have read that will open accounts for Tourist Visa Holders:

  • RCBC
  • BDO
  • BPI Express Online
1 : 630 : 2,199,500

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2 thoughts on “Bank Account in the Philippines for a Foreigner”

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    1. It might depend on the bank.

      I was on a tourist visa, and opened a bank account with PSB. The Security Bank would not allow me to open one though.

      Regarding the ACR card; it is compulsory for a tourist visa holder to get an ACR-I card after 2 months in the country.

      I agree that an ACR card is needed for a bank account, but a tourist visa holder with ACR card, like myself, can get a bank account.

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