Angeles City Flying Club, Magalang, Pampanga

Angeles City Flying Club

Woodland Airpark
Sitio Talimundok
Sta. Maria Magalang

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Telephone: 045 802 2101


Ultralight aircraft club. The ACFC is a non-profit flying club and flying school. Our aim is to promote ultralight flying (incl. light sport aircraft and microlights) in the Philippines.
You can fly an ultra­light as our guest or become a member and learn how to fly. Already in your first lesson you will take the controls and fly an ultralight plane.

1 : 231 : 2,200,577

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  2. duration of the training course?
    price of training course?. how many hours of training?.
    have title of pilot of ultralight?.
    my cp number is: 09291093029

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